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Specialist Lighting & Head Torches

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In fishing, headlamps or lanterns are used in your specialist fishing. The good thing with a headtorch is your hands are free, and you can leave your fishing headtorch on when you sleep by placing it around your neck. But, of course, this means you wake up if you can sort out your lighting in the middle of the night in seconds.

There is a wide range of headlamps available from many manufacturers to make it safer for you to fish at night. Plus, make it more fun, allowing you to keep active after dark. The leading brands in lighting are RidgeMonkey, Fox, and Gardner.

The specialist angler who likes fishing for barbel in winter needs good lighting. Most lighting in angling is very light, and nearly all use batteries. In addition, anglers now have lighting available in multiple colours and brightness that can be changed at the touch of a button.  As a result, Ridgemonkey Bivvy Lite has become the must-have product in carp fishing and specialist fishing.

Fishing at night, you now have a wide choice of fishing bivvy lights to make it safe at night and allow you to keep busy while on the fishing bank. Tying a ring directly is simple, even using your lighting to unhook a fish. Organising on the bank is critical, and decent lighting is essential in fishing.