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Specialist lines have been produced to cope with a wide array of fishing situations. The leading brands cover many different products. These include monofilaments and braided and fluorocarbon lines. The latter two types are extremely robust and suited for snaggy fishing areas. The top producers of the line are Korda, Nash and Guru.

The team at Carp.com have studied all the types of specialist fishing lines to make your job in selecting the item easier. Lines included in our range cover many different angling styles and price points. So it doesn’t matter if you are looking for coarse, specimen, carp or predator line. There will be something to suit your requirements.

Specialist angling is about catching specific species and ensuring anglers have the right fishing line for the job. Anglers often carry an array of types and diameters of line, so they can swap spools if wishing to catch a particular species of fish.


Monofilament is the most widely used reel line, available in a big span of diameters and breaking strains. Each gauge is suited to various styles of angling. For example, when barbel fishing, ideal lines are between 12lb and 15lb. Mono lines have decent stretch and are good at fighting violent movements when fish thump hard against the rod tip. Fox Soft Steel has good stretchability to deal with this.


Braid consists of multiple fibres woven interlinked, creating massive strength plus a very thin diameter. Different materials are often welded together to improve abrasion-resistance, diameter, and strength. Braid is ideal when thinner lines are required, having low memory and yet high breaking strain to diameter ratios. For example, Fox Exocet Braided Line is universally used for demanding spodding work. A 20lb breaking strain is adequate for this job, although some anglers want breaking strains between 30lb and 50lb. The main advantages of the braid are its thin nature which greatly improves casting distance, and its lack of stretch, which helps highlight takes better at long range.


Due to its three refractive indexes, the fluorocarbon line is translucent in water, blending in with its environment. In addition, this robust material has minimum stretch and is ideal when fishing in clear venues. Gardner produces excellent fluorocarbon lines with high knot strength and has many advantages over basic monofilament due to their unobtrusive nature.