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Specialist Fishing – Fishing Accessories

Specialist fishing typically means one of two things, being dedicated to carp, or aiming at other big fish species like barbel. Both anglers might use similar gear in certain areas, although their rods, rigs and bait are likely different.

In most cases, carp anglers require reel lines of 15lb as a minimum breaking strain, having good abrasion resistance to deal with long-range casting and powerful big fish. There’s a wide array of mono and braided lines used by both schools. Using braid suits extreme range casting and dealing with snaggy swims.

Specialist Fishing - Carp

Specialist accessories include carp hooks, lines and fishing leaders for more demanding situations, which might not suit beginners. Advanced carp anglers will pick the best terminal tackle from the leading brands because they don’t want to risk losing their personal best fish at any stage.

Top anglers expect everything to be perfect with their fishing accessories, from hooks to baiting equipment. At Carp.com, we stock a full array of fishing accessories from all the leading brands, such as Korda, Nash and ESP Carp.

Specialist Fishing - Barbel

Specialist barbel anglers sometimes use carp fishing tackle scaled-down in most cases. Many accessories are the same, but with smaller hooks and tweaked rigs.

The main difference is barbel are river fish, so other gear like big swim feeders, rod pods, bait droppers and catapults come into play. We will highlight all this important kit for you, along with barbel rods and reels.