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The Christenings!

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Been a few weeks since I have been able to fish, so this session that I used up the first of my proper holiday on was eagerly awaited.


I travelled down to the lake on Sunday 16th in absolutely no hurry for a change.


I got to the lake with Big Dave, and after some humming and hawing we decided on the swims so that we could be close to each other if needed.


I managed to choose a swim with a small island and a number of pads in front of me.




The lake was fairly crowded so I felt that the fishing was going to be HARD.

I put 1 rod along the margins to the right and the other to the left side of the island, but for 2 days I had absolutely no indications, and the fish were holed up in the snags and corners.


On the 3rd day I decided to move the right hand rod out of the margins and to the right hand base of the island, just past the pads, and baited it up with about 60boilies on stringers. My favourite Smokey Mackeral and Garlic pop-up was the bait.

At 3am I finally had a take from this rod and in the dark played a fish to the brand new landing net on its first ever outing.

I simply broke down the net to give Dave a shout and to take the pics, even before I had unhooked it as when I lifted the fish it felt a bit "special".


After unhooking we checked the weight and came to the conclusion of 28.12, so it was duly photographed.





I think for the next hour I just sent text after text as I was so relieved to catch again after nothing over the winter since November.


The next night, the same rod cast to the same spot with exactly the same tactics produced the 16.8 mirror, which was only photographed as we put it back.



Although Dave and I managed a reasonable Social session I really felt sorry for him as due to the large numbers of anglers fishing, the fish simply didn't move past me towards his bait. From Sunday until Friday only 3 fish were caught and put on the bank legitimately. One other was hooked, but it snagged the angler concerned and was eventually netted after tangling in someone elses line.


As mentioned in the title I also managed to christen the new unhooking mat on its 2nd session and the new Fox Warrior Landing net on its first trip!

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I haven't been on the ressie for a couple of years.


After money got tight when Liz and I split up I just couldn't get my head into gear. I gave it a miss, and now if I want to rejoin I would have to pay a premium for the 1st year.


I don't think that Dave will be fishing that swim again. Its the 2nd time that he has done a long session in there, and it only seems to produce when the lake is quiet. I don't think that he knows the features 100% so struggled when the fish didn't move along the margins as he had hoped and baited for.


I did forget to mention that we both tried baiting with Vitalin, and it only produced small silver fish over it. I put some on my island spot and on the last night I think I got bitten off above the lead by a pike as when I retrieved what felt like a good run there was nothing there. Dave had a pike mooching in his margins where we dropped a couple of small balls to check how it was acting on the lakebed.

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