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Some slight success in Lake B-G, Canberra

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The 26th of this month was Full Moon night. It had also rained.

My machinist fishing buddy had made up our bite detector / rod holders and my brand new rod had an oversized new baitrunner reel which is a little bit heavy for it. But never mind.


So we decided after the first attempt gave us so much fun on a full moon night, we'd aim for another.


Nothing exotic in terms of bait, but the best we'd pulled out of the lake so far was a 3.8kg fish.

We're teching up at the moment. Bite detectors, accurate digital scales, bait theory and tactics. We've also started plotting our casts based on estimated distances and landmarks. I had elected to give my fishing buddy the previously most productive side with the weeds and deeper water. Brendan had made up an experimental burley which he lobbed into the target area in squash ball sized clumps.


He also rigged up his own idea flotation bait.


Fifteen minutes after his rig splashed down, the bite detector played a quick AC/DC guitar riff to "Thunderstruck" with an accompanying seizure inducing, flashing blue light show and the game was on.


Shortly after this, we noted some of the disadvantages of having limited space and multiple lines out. I broke out the Kodak Zi8 and with the soundtrack full of me laughing over the drag being taken out, Brendan fought something that he thought was reasonably powerful.

It was as resistant to leaving the water as Kevin Rudd was to leaving the top job. It's eyes would have been slightly wetter too, but not by much.


Some five minutes later, I barely got it into the landing net. Trusty Coles budget bread was doing the magic this time around.

A quick weigh in within the net said just over 6kg, so we did the dance of the Personal Best fish while an Indian looking chap came over to see what the celebration was about. After watching us sit around doing not much, I suppose the transformation was interesting.


Having topped my stated best carp out of this lake and his biggest carp yet, Brendan sat back and was quite happy. He was running 6lb line.


Then not much happened for a while until my new rod on it's bite detector had a short run.

I'd spooled it up with some light platypus 4kg mono which I'd bought because I wasn't paying attention and thought it was 4lb.

Maybe it was a good thing.


Whatever it was, had eaten twelve weetbix for breakfast and was harder to steer around than a coles shopping trolley on an ice skating rink.


It also tested the drag several times. When the proton energy pill ran out about seven minutes later, I had my own 70cm carp in the net.


And the weight.... 200 grams more than the other one. Yay for digital accuracy!


So two PB fish in the same outing.


Both of us were so chuffed, we could have gone home then and there. But conditions were good, so we stuck around.


Quite a while later, my little Diawa Interline started shaking and what I had figured for barely a 2kg fish weighed in at 4.46kg. Maybe it had been out for a run and was having a bread nibble before bed?


Regardless, the lake turned it on for us.


A 5.64kg, 5.84kg and 4.46kg was a worthwhile effort.


Now we're going to try marker floats and spods. There's definately something to the burleying. So why not exploit prior knowledge?

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It appears that in having another check of the rules, photos aren't allowed and people do tend to get somewhat upset.

I can understand that in other countries carp are catch and release. In fact, in the ACT, it's one of the few places that don't forbid it, which is why the coarse fishing championships are held here.


We should see what the New Zealanders think of our Possums being over there too.


As we have been adopting some of the other more well known carp fishing tactics, I was wondering if anyone bothers to map out their casts with their successful positions noted?

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In all the forums that I am a member of around the world, there's always someone that I encounter who decides to take the side that you've chosen.


So here is your option now and I'll lay it out very simply for you.


Do you want to be humiliated?


If so, please keep posting in the same vein. But I'll respond now lightly.


Of course not, brainiac. Single camera videos in High Definition wide angle that show the action after the hook up, to the first swirl in the water and the carp getting netted. Combine this with limited space and the prospect of dropping the camera into the water and it makes it rather entertaining.


Videos of carp lying on the bank would be as entertaining as.. well your posts in this thread so far.


Just remember that "new member" doesn't mean "New to the internet" or "new to handing out bitchslaps to people who want to act like petty tyrants"

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"Do you want to be humiliated? "


As far as I can see, you are only "Humiliating" you're self!


Nuff Said! :idea:


Do try to use proper English in your ripostes, thanks. It's "yourself"


And are you able to even explain how you consider that I'm humiliating myself?


I'll take the bet that you're not and you're hoping that other people might see this with you based on some unsaid expectations.. This is a common tactic when you appeal to the masses with no real justification but feel the need to rise to the occasion. Just back out now and I will forget that this happened.


Does "Nuff said" mean that you're not capable or that you think that will stop the inevitable?


If you continue, you'll only have yourself to blame. You've been warned gently. I am not a newb and I love the concept of an internet debate. However, you're not a challenge. But you may serve as an example. Feel like crossing intellectual swords? If you're lucky, the admins will lock the thread to save you.

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Guest keenook

My comments are valid,


Ask yourself why was the picture removed??? As for warning me, well go ahead if you think it will enhance the thread!


As for back up from the "masses" I need none, what I stated in my posts are my opinions, you are entitled to yours, but I will stick with mine!



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I don't have to ask myself. I removed the picture myself upon consulting the rules.


How are your comments valid? You haven't manage to justify them yet. Saying that they're valid is just your opinion.


But as I thought and predicted, you can't back them up with any observations.


Care to have a go, or just .. try to dance around it?


Or are you just not capable?


In case you've missed it, that's twice I've inferred that you are incompetent.

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Guest keenook



But you will have to try harder if you want me to take your bait!


After being a Carp angler for many a year, I only like live ones, carry on........... :roll:

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Yep. As I figured. Full of bluff and when called, you retreat into metaphors.


Unable to justify opinions and statements and now tries to infer control over the engagement by pretending that failure to engage is the pinnacle of moral high ground.


Off you go keenook. You can leave now and pretend that this never happened.


Or just stick around and make innane comments that you don't feel compelled to stand by.


Carp angler maybe. Able to follow up with a logical argument... not looking particularly hopeful.


Run along or I'll ask you to justify something you've said already and it will prove even more embarrassing.

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If you're lucky, the admins will lock the thread to save you.



All i see is two adults having a debate. Of sorts.


As adults i would expect you both to keep this civil & not lower yourselves by being childish. That's my job.

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Go for it ......................



Now, if you've got the capacity to go back and actually answer how you feel that I've embarrassed myself, we can get this show on the road.

I've expected that you'd fail to do that and I've already remarked upon it.

What you'll very likely do now is anything BUT explain your opinions.

You've weaselled out of it already and I don't expect that to change.

So in terms of debate, you've failed.


You'll now offer some excuse and do anything but attempt to answer any previous challenges, including this one.

You've also attempted to bring this down into a backseat juvenile atmosphere.

In fact, as I've seen this type of defensive retreating tactical disengagement before, I'll just offer this treaty. You can post whatever you like unless you can answer anything I've asked you to so far.

Unless you can to the satisfaction of a reasonable man reading this, I won't bother responding to you. That way you can run away, feel like you've had the last word and anyone else reading this will know absolutely that you've waved the white flag of surrender. This would be pretty obvious to anyone reading the thread so far anyway. So feel free to retort with pointlessly because it's obvious that you can't actually handle a real debate. You'll likely prove this in any more posts.

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Hey, that's up to you and I'll support your choice. I've fished all over the USA and I was very careful with the beautiful rainbows, browns and brook trout that I caught there. All fish in their natural environment are a resource to be looked after.

It's just a cultural thing. If it comes to choosing between our native animals and introduced ones, you need to decide what you value more.


What do you guys think about Australians shooting Foxes? In the last few years since natural skins have become unfashionable, people have stopped hunting foxes in Australia. I have seen them crossing roads at night 4 miles from the center of our capital city. I see them killed on the roads. They've virtually eradicated some of the smaller native animals in some parts of Australia.

How about rabbits? I had a pet rabbit. It was the softest fur I've ever felt. But I'll happily see them fumigated in their burrows by the thousand. An Archery club central to Canberra has had over 100 rabbits counted in less than a minute by one guy holding a weak torch. Rabbits have almost totally transformed the landscape in some areas of Australia. Barren. I didn't believe it until I saw it myself.


I've had cats most of my life, yet tame and stray cats do incredible damage to our wildlife. I've shot many of them by spotlight at night. My cats lived totally indoors to the point of having agoraphobia.


Australia has feral dogs, goats, pigs, camels, cattle, donkeys, toads, ants, birds, horses, plants and fish. All of them have characteristics which make them dominant in their environment. An environment that isn't very robust.

Many places in Australia aren't much chop and it doesn't take too much effort to push them to the point where nothing lives there.

If you truly care about animals and the environment, you have to make choices that aren't emotionally based. I like bunnies. They're great pets but I accept that they've devastating to the environment AND to other animals.


People from other parts of the world just can't comprehend that things are different in odd ways here. What Australians take for granted, other people find astounding. I have an English friend who was struck speechless by the sight of endless flat plain coming over a ridge in one of our major roads.


So if I was to tell you that the Australia's CSIRO had some scientists that have located a fish in The Gambia which seems particularly effective at eating carp eggs, what would you think? It could potentially destroy all carp in Australia.


We could have our waterways full of the legendary huge Murray Cod that make the biggest carp look like goldfish. We'd all have to buy reels with bigger drags and more line capacity.


We know that carp have displaced our native fish. So if this Gambian fish catches on here, it will be a considerable period of time, but it should thin things out a bit. Of course, Australia has had some absolute disasters introducing animals to control other animals. Just mention "Cane toad". But we've also had incredible successes too, with the cactoblaster moth, without which, Australia would be covered in prickly pear plants.


If this Gambian fish got let loose in Europe and quickly devastated the carp population by nom nom nomming the carp eggs, would you listen to the Gambians coming over and telling you not to hurt them?

No. Of course not.

But apparently it's okay for Carp to come over and devastate Australian fish, because you don't give a rats arse about someone else's problems.


Is that a balanced viewpoint or is it incredibly narrow minded?


Now, nothing would be more fun than to fish for big Carp in Europe. I caught an Alligator in Florida.... but not for very long. But as an environmentalist and not an emotionalist, I have the ability to decide about which is more valuable. I would encourage you all to look after the fish that belong in your country. I will look after the fish that belong in mine. Then one day you might want to come over and catch barramundi while keeping an eye out for those pesky crocodiles that keep eating the german packpackers. And I know what you're thinking. Even if you do happen to know "Can you hold this hook and swim with it to the other side" in German, you're not allowed to livebait fish for crocodiles.


But if you come to another country and say "to hell with their stupid rules" I would suggest that you don't take any bubblegum to Singapore. You can probably take your carp rods though.


Breaking Australian fishing regulations can and have lead to some very interesting repercussions.

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Guest keenook

You Sir,


Are one sad individual, end of! This is a Carp angling forum, and showing your prowess with dead Carp is not going to work, you speak the speak, but can you walk the walk? I have my doubts!


Good day Cobba! Go RANT somewhere else, please!


And Oh yes, please post your lovely pic's again to allow more members to see! I bet you don't!

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I know that I said that I wouldn't post unless you actually said something worth replying to, but you're actually too much fun to toy with and I've got to kill some time before a busy day.


As I predicted keenook, you've failed to address anything set to you so far and it appears that you have a limited understanding of the comprehension of English as well as the spelling of it. "Rant" hey? Well, there's only one person coming close to having a rant at the moment.


Why should I repost any pictures? As I've clearly identified before, but apparently you can't manage to figure out, it's against the rules.

You can bet against my behaviour if you want, but I've predicted yours with a reasonable accuracy. Anyone reading this thread so far can side with whose opinion they like, but you've come back like a little nancy each time.

You have made statements that you are incapable of backing up and you're now failing so badly, that you're trying to draw attention away from that by edging towards abuse.

Keep it up. You've managed to throw up decoys and wheedle your way out of the first things in this thread set for you to justify (like explaining how I've humiliated myself), but I'd like to continually point you back to what you're incapable of. Seeing you try to run away from it is amusing, but it's common behaviour of little self righteous megalomaniacs. Your last post even has dead metaphors in it that actually explain nothing while giving you again the hope of sounding like you're actually providing something.


So I'm sad now too? Would you like to explain how you've come to this conclusion? But you won't because you can't. If things go the way that they usually do, you'll keep avoiding any direct requirement for justifying anything that you've previously said and throw more and more pointless accusations out as I add to the list of things that you're incapable of doing.

You'll probably keep referring to photos of dead carp as that's your only hope to trying to stir up public opinion against me.

You're losing and you appear to be able to identify that.

You're incapable of addressing any rational debate and you continue to demonstrate that. You've no concept of how "Good Day" is used in Australia either.


So please, continue. Show anyone who reads through this how to lose it and start getting abusive. You're just not capable of anything else and that's very clear.


I'm surprised that you can bait a hook without stabbing yourself to death with it.

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This isn't something you see here everyday I'm not one for dead Carp myself and I lived in Canberra for 3 years and have been in Aus for 8, in my honest opinion Carp fishing is all that Canberra has going for it, it does have some great waters and I have fond memories of Carp in excess of 10kg and quite a few really nice Koi & Goldfish all returned alive I might add.


I'm not sure what one might hope to gain by posting pictures of dead Carp on a Carp forum, it really is only going to illicit a negative response, and it would appear to be a fairly futile endeavour trying to rid a polluted cesspool like Lake Burley Griffin of the only fish besides Perch (redfin) that seem to thrive in there, its a huge lake & given its mass then a conservative estimate of Carp numbers in there is 55 million, any Carp you kill is a pointless taking of life because it isn't going to make a bit of difference to the population, the hoardes of Cormorants that inhabit LBG can't make a difference so anglers never will. Just my opinion.



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