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Au Revoir Oz !


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Well Peeps,


This will be my last post on here from Western Australia for a while. Tomorrow I'm on a midnight horror flight to Hong Kong, which is my first leg of my trip back to Blighty to prepare for the World Carp Classic in France in September with this sections moderator Ben (citycountry).


To add to the add to the excitement of our unreal adventure, I received news from the WCC event coordinator Ross honey earlier in the week, to tell me that one of my articles had been picked up by Carpworld Magazine (issue 238)! The three column, four photo feature appears in the July section of International Carper - I haven't seen it yet but my brother in the UK has.


I'm pretty chuffed about it for a couple of reasons, firstly, I didn't even know it had been submitted to Angling Publications. And Secondly, I find it quite flattering that a carp mag of this calibre wished to even print my story considering I'm not a 'named' angler, not to mention the irony that there are no proper carp with a gazillion miles of where I live :shock:


C'mon Aussie, c'mon, c'mon!


Katfish AKA Niblet 8)

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I thought that the WCC was being held in England this year on the Linear Complex, in October as me and a few of my Carp Team collegues are marshalling it !!!


Isn't that the "British Young Carp Anglers Championships" at Linear??? I'm the vice captain of the CC Moore Aus team competing at Lac De Madine in France in the World Carp Classic, that runs from the 5th to the 11th of Sept 2010 - different comp methinks :D

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Aussie Aussie Aussie


Oi Oi Oi!!!!


Lets do this Big Man!!


I'm thinking of ya buddy, bustlin' about getting it all sorted for the flight. Midnight Honkers flight ya poor b*****d!


Less than 2 months and we'll be casting into Madine, can you believe that! Awesome!

Was reading through June's Carpworld, which I've been reading for weeks btw, when I spy a little mention of yours truly in the echo's section!! Aussie first blah blah blah!!! Hysterical!! Can't wait to see your article in print when I get back, mate.


Yeah, not the BYCAC's either, they're in August. Dunno what you're talking about nash......but the WCC is the b******s!!!




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