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Bait Making

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I was doing the weekly shopping thingy with the missus the other day at the local supermarket and while wondering around the herbs and spices, I was wondering I anyone has concidered herbs in their bait concoctions...I have used curry,paprika, chilly and garlic in the past but what about the likes of basil, thyme, mint, sage and any other of the dried leavey type ones.

They seem to do the trick in our cooking, by adding lovely smell and taste. Wondering wether it would do the same for a carp bait...Ummmmm!


Any comments guys.



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That's the problem with so many options on what to put in bait.


The list of additives and flavours is huge, so it's hard to know if you should expect almost anything to work to a certain degree, or if you could test one particular additive above all others.


I sat there looking at the spices and herbs in Woolworths not four days ago wondering the exact same thing. There are so many additives that don't seem to get any press.


Why can't we just attach a laminated menu and wax pencil to a sinker and take orders?


In the end I just made curry boilies with aniseed and vanilla.

And that's because I couldn't find powdered garlic.

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Chilli and Garlic both worked well for me as did Coriander and Oregano, Aniseed seems to be a real favourite here in Australia but a warning if you use too much it has a negative effect, a tackle dealer I know in Canberra had his entire stock bought by some moron prior to the Carpathon, it appears he dumped it all in the creek in Kingston expecting to clean up the next day on LBG at the confluence of water, 2 things happened. 1) locals reported a stinking chemical plume in the creek and it was boomed off and an exclusion zone imposed. 2) The Canberra Classic was on so he couldn't fish within a couple of kilometers of the place anyway. We did have a laugh about that.





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