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I have had my eye on a small 1 acre venue for sometime now not really knowing wether there was anything it, until a week ago when I visted it.

It was probaly mid afternoon and warm for a winters day in Perth 19-20 degrees, Its a very quiet spot with the odd jogger and cyclist passing close to a busy road.

I approach it in the normal stealthy way, just incase there was anything close in at the margins, nothing at first at the first location so I proceeded around to a shallower section, well what I saw next was probably 13-15 goldies chasing each other around.. :lol::lol: in two,s and three,s with 3-4 kio of about 8lb a little further.. :shock::shock: out keeping an eye on what was going on.





I assumed with the increase of water temperature put the goldies in rumpy pumpy mode, I got that close to them in full view they were not even interested in me standing there watching them.




It just goes to show that any clean body of water can sustain fish.

I think a little prebait and a session to establish the stamp of fish there.


I,ll keep you posted on any developments.





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