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Carp - Goldfish or other

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Thought i might ask if anyone can ID this fish.

One of the ponds we hit on a regular basis has a massive amount of them and they can grow to 3 + kg from what we have seen.

I have been told that they are a goldfish and others say carp.

I thought maybe a crucian but apparently not, so i'm told.

Body is a different shape in that it much taller from top to bottom and has a different head shape, also no barbels around mouth.

Maybe a hybrid ?

What do you think as we got plenty

<a  href=16032010124.jpg' alt='16032010124.jpg'>

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I think we can rule out Crucian Carp as to mine and others knowledge there is no record of Crucian Carp ever being imported into Australia and that fish is certainly too big to be a CC its also too big to be a Goldie imo, if it hasn't got barbles then I would say you are on the mark with a hybrid, its a nice looking specimen that's for sure. :)





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Dont F1s have no barbels?


An 'F1' is a hybrid between a Crucian and a Common?


There is some debate whether we actually have Crucian's in Australia. It would be good to have some actual scientific genetic studies to prove any claims.


For that reason alone I'd say it's more likely to be a Goldfish/Common hybrid, but hey it could well be an F1.


Regardless I'm confident it is a hybrid of sorts, be it common/goldfish or common/crucian.

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I doubt its an F1, They were 'created' specifically to fill a gap so to speak. A gap that you guys over there dont need filling. Plus they are size limited, an F1 that big would be a Record !!


Saying that i dont know enough about fish breeding really so i await a response from someone who does.

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