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Wetting a line 01-08-10

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Yes. People forget about the accumlative pressure of winding nylon line onto forms.

I haven't seen any modern reels damaged, but I have my suspicions about some of the ancient Alvey reels I've seen in sheds. Odd cracks.


In my model glider days doing F3b and F3j, we'd regularly wind in 100 metres of stressed 200lb and above nylon line onto winches powered by car starter motors. The winch drums that were not solid metal failed quite rapidly. One made of 16 x 100mm x 10mm bolts was pulled into an hourglass shape.


Ah, those were the days. Fishing is much cheaper. I'm yet to see 4000 dollars worth of fishing gear hit the ground so hard that it needs a shovel to clean up the mess.

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I would agree with Tony 250 metre is about right to keep you out of trouble most of the time, but I've read accounts where anglers have got very close to being spooled by big Carp in open water on even that length at 18-25lb breaking strain.


Personally I never use backing material or a sub standard line to bank out my spool - I learned from someone else's mistake on that one - I always bank the spool all the way with a good quality line that way if you need all the line its there, I'm not losing the fish of a lifetime for the sake of the cost of a few hundred metres of line. :(


I can think of 5 occasions where I've been looking at the spool wondering when its going to stop because line was looking short, I managed to land 2 of them and they were both over 10kg the other 3 went clean across the lake to the other side and escaped in reeds or snags, I actually watched someone get spooled on the feeder at the Canberra Classic a few years back too and he was running about 300 metres of 10lb, that was a bit of an eye opener. :shock:





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You spooked me a bit with that last post Chris.

So when my 500 metres of 15lb braid turned up two days ago, I resurrected the trusty old Aero 6010 and decided to see how much of the spool it would hold.

As it turns out.... All of it, filled just past the point of where I'd be happy with it. A few longer casts and retrieval under normal tension will settle it down perfectly.


So if I've got the drag set to slip at about 5lb and say, a fish can spool 400 metres of line after a 100 meter cast, it's managed an output of 6560 foot / lb of energy. That's an equivalent of moving 6560lbs (2975kg) a distance of one foot or one pound a distance of 6560 feet. While that's not especially interesting in terms of being able to relate to, imagine the amount of energy involved in benchpressing 100kg (224lb) just once is about 448 foot pound of energy. hmmm.


If I can find a carp in the lake that can put out enough energy to bench press 100 kg 14 times to make (not quite) the 6560 ft / lb of force required to spool me, I'm going to give up fishing with bait and just use a few sticks of gelignite and a hefty dose of body armour.

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hi there.

my names james and im from manchester uk but lived here 4 yrs now and need to start getting back into carp fishing, now i have found ppl who catch them for pleasure.

i live very close to centenial park and think it looks so carpy and amazing. anyway read your posts an was wondering how i register to be a volunteer any way i could get to fish this awesome place would be great and if i have to meet up with you for a chat im keen to do so.

any info would be greatly appreciated.. oh also looking to buy bits of carp tackle an boillies if anyone can help..


many thanks



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