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CC Moore AUS Dynamic Duo Meet Up


It has taken months of planning to get to this stage, and I think we both drew a big sigh once we'd set up in our double swim and had settled behind the rods.  This was after all only our second meet up, and the first opportunity we'd had to wet a line together.


From the get go we'd decided that if nothing else it'd be a great chance to test out our gear and baits etc. Ben (citycountry) had just bought a second hand bivvy off eBay, and a new bedchair and pod, and was understandably itching to try out the new kit.  After a couple of trips to lake I'm now becoming more familiar with all the stuff on loan to me. Though I had opted to use a pair of Greys 12" 3.5lb tc F1 Mk 2's, that have a slightly softer and more through action than the Daiwa Infinities I'd been trying on the previous sessions.




After a rather dull and uneventful 48 hour session at same Kent lake last week with the F1's, I was still dying to see what they were capable of?  At 0245 this morning I got to find out, when my right-hand margin rod burst into life as a 17lb 4oz common shot off out into the middle of the lake.  The rod performed beautifully and I very quickly managed to subdue the fish, despite being still half asleep.  Though under these circumstances I didn't mind being dragged from my bed.




Fish had been lolloping about around us all night, crashing and slurping amid the thick marginal weed, and with so much obvious fish presence we were both surprised that we'd not had a lot more action.  In the far corner of the bay carp had been rolling consistently to torment us, and I couldn't stand it a moment longer.  I reeled in the inactive left-hand rod and put a fresh boilie and PVA bag full of crushed boilies on, and powered with frustration I did a manic long-range cast to land right on the money.


I've never had much success at casting right at showing fish, but in this instance I was aghast to soon after receive a massive drop-back as the fish had picked up the bait and had begun swimming out of the corner.  I grabbed the rod, and wound down as fast as I could whilst simultaneously jogging backwards, nearly bowling Ben over in the process!  After I recovered a lot of line I made first contact with the fish, and I was pleasantly surprised it was still attached.  After quite an impressive recovery to compose myself I lost the fish at the net.  It looked like another common of similar size to the first.  I was just a little ticked off to say the least, as I'd still not broken the 'casting at a showing fish' duck!




I was running short of bait by now, and was down to my last four boilies!  One of those four produced this 'last gasp' mirror from my marginal spot with the right hander.  It dived headlong into the weed and was only inches from reeds when miraculously it turned, and headed for open water.  It went absolutely ballistic, and Ben managed to videotape the action... so I can't wait to see it.  I repeatedly dived into the weedbed in front of me, and I had serious doubts as to whether or not I could keep bullying it out without popping the size 8 barbless hook?  As well as not wanting to lose a second fish on camera and look a proper idiot!  After about six near nettings I slid her in with half a ton of vegetation... yeeeeees!  A result. Not a monster at 18lb 14oz but it was landing it against the degree of difficulty that pleased me the most.


Apart from a couple of liners Ben's swim had remained quiet, which was something neither of us could fathom, as there had been plenty of fish showing for the whole of our 24 hour session.  His rigs, and presentation were spot on and he was using a going bait on the water... so it was a mystery?  Hopefully the carp gods will favour him on our next visit in a couple of weeks time?


Happy hippo hunting


Katfish AKA Niblet 8)

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