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Brought my Carp gear over from UK - Now where to go fishing?

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Hi All,


I have just come over to Oz from the UK and am living in Singleton, NSW. I have shipped all of my Carp gear over and am now itching to go fishing, I have noticed a lot of talk about Lake Liddel which is only 30mins from me and am looking at visiting there asap.


I have some questions which I would appreciate answers on;


Other Lakes to try

Methods for catching Carp (I used Bottom Bait presentation, bite Alarms etc in the UK)

Type of Baits (I used Boilies / Partlicles in the UK)

Prices for Fishing

Rod Licenses etc.


Thanks in advance



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Prices for fishing and rod licenses don't exist here. You will need to pay in a commercial fishery, but they're few and far between. Carp ones don't exist at all.

You'll need a license to fish in NSW. In fact, everywhere in Aus except the ACT requires one.


3 Days - $6.00

1 Month - $12.00

1 Year - $30.00

3 Years - $75.00


You can apply online



Here's what you should read for NSW in terms of regulations:

It should get you started.



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Hello Chris,


You brought all your gear over which is a good thing, all the familiar session and coarse methods work well but you don't need to go over board on complexity or variety of baits here, sweetcorn, bread in its various guises and cheese etc will all get fish and fermented Maize seems to work particularly well in my experience for sorting out the bigger ones.


I'd be having a look at the Hunter River as that's right on your doorstep so you can throw some bait in cast a line and see what you get, good luck and let us know how you get on mate. :)





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