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A new toy..

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  • 2 months later...

Things are quiet on the forum...

After the first carp cam foray, we were rather disappointed by the field of view. I underestimated incredibly how the visibility of simple things like the foreground would affect what we thought we could see.

So three new lenses were ordered with a large variation in field of view. This added another hefty 16 dollars to the expenditure. I also decided that if I was looking at wider stuff, I'd best increase the width of the IR LED illumination. The first attempt at extra illumination ended badly with my $3.80 board being too big by 2mm to go into the housing.


The next one that turned up fit in with barely a half milimeter to spare, so we were in business! Then another slight problem. The first wide angle lens I tried wouldn't fit through the middle of the LED board. Neither would the second. But the third greased through with just enough space, however, it was also the narrowest view of the new lenses.

I pushed the entire assembly into the housing and placed it on the floor.

With it powered on, it was pretty obvious that I'd lucked out. Not only could I see much more of the floor and room, everything was in far better focus. To give an idea, I am using a 7Ah Gell cell as power. With the battery placed it's own length from the camera and turned side on to it, I can see it in the middle third of the screen. Obviously the carp are going to have to come close before we can see anything in detail, but at least we'll see what's going on if anything is visible. It won't be just like looking at a spotlight beam in the fog!


The next trick is to be able to either attach a float to it, or position it carefully with waders 10 or 15 metres out and then practice casting along side it. With a bit of luck, there will be some more footage when things get a bit warmer.

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or position it carefully with waders 10 or 15 metres out and then practice casting along side it. With a bit of luck, there will be some more footage when things get a bit warmer.


Just a suggestion, you could try beside Commonwealth Avenue Bridge on the Barton side. The water right off the concrete wall is probably 6ft+, you can catch heaps of carp about a metre off the wall, you could just lower it down beside the wall and lower the bait down in front of it. Would be accurate every time and minor adjustments of camera or bait should be easy.

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I got bored at work and left early yesterday to go and take a look.

Setting up near the edge of the water was going to be easy, apart from it being heavily trafficked. Then I realised that I could set up inside and between the little pillars that display the Australian of the Year.

Once the temperature improves, it's up for investigation.

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Hmmm. Chris has a lot to answer for.


There's Australian of the year and young Australian of the year.

There's even Local Hero on the newer ones.

The posts go for about 300 metres all the way along the lakefront and then stop. I guess that's when we run out of Australians or the world ends.

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Well, it wasn't too cold on Saturday, so with the wider lens on the Carp Cam went out on a lakeshore deployment to see if it was possible to cast to in front of it even when it was 20 or so metres out.


Of course, lining it up with a handy tree on the opposite bank lets it be roughly located, as long as you stand in the right casting spot.


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I'd like to say that it's been a long time coming, but it hasn't really.


The weather on Saturday was sensational if you were home with the heater on and a good book. Sunday wasn't looking much better. My normal fishing companion decided that he'd use the weather forecast to convince me it was worth coming out. When one has a new girlfriend, it can take convincing.

She however, had some study to catch up on and the weather decided to become less than hateful, and then downright inviting.


So off we went to see if one of the inlets in lake BG had anything to offer. It was a toss up if Lake G would get a visit, but in the end the inlet won us over. Why?

Because Fyshwick Domino's will deliver pizza there.


We took the carp cam because there really wasn't a reason not to.

We tossed it into the shallow water and if I leaned out with the big rod, I could position the bait in front of it with a bit of direction and dragging the line in a Z pattern until the corn showed up on screen.


With that done and no real expectations, it got put onto bank sticks and left alone while we tended the real fishing. Fish were jumping. There was a party on the far shore and after they started fishing too.

After a while, we noted a guy wading into the lake wearing just his undies.

He swam across in stages.


As he emerged, staggering from the water, I asked him if he'd lost the bet or won one.


He said "I just won 100 bucks!"




Then he posed for the camera.




He gave me his email address and I mailed them to him..


But shortly after that, things happened.


Here you can see just how successful we were on the day:



I've got to say, I'm pretty pleased!

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