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The Koi Story [Winter Carping]

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With spring not far away I thought I would start a new thread for anybody wanting to share any winter sessions.

This time of the year with the regular influx of fresh water fires alot of places in to action.

Low water levels in most Australian waterways have a tendency to put our whiskered frends off the chew, depleted oxygen levels and food availability contributing factors.

A venue that I fish through the winter is a classic example with fish few and far between in summer.


Recently I fished with instant success on a fishmeal based boilie for the first time this year. Fishmeal you say in "winter", I have measured water temps especially here in Perth and they are a constant 12 degrees at depths, with only the surface temps flucuating through out the winter months. Far from the icy cold conditions of the UK and Europe.

The success of the recent session with a fully scaled Koi carp fell to a RR base fishmeal boilie, the first time I have used them at the venue, I have heard of boilies used once or twice with no success there, maize being the main stay of bait with a little liquidized bread as an attractant.

The session started off a little slow before first light with the resident morehens dive bombing my dozen or so boilies[brooklands]..... :lol::lol: big thanks again for the RR recipe....

I had catapulted out at distance.


A couple of smallish goldies decided to show their presence by rolling in the next swim that I had pre-baited ealier the day before so things were looking good for a lively session.

The first rod went out at 7am ish at distance to the boilie spot and the second a marginal under arm lob to the next swim loaded with a single maize popped up with a hi-viz lumo fake chod-rig to critically balance it above the detris covered lake bed.


After the first hour of no action I decided to rebait and recast both rods, a re-rig of the boilie rod with the addition of a pva bag made bankside with crushed boilie and a few added pellets was sent packing.


Once the bag had dissolved, which I knew as the coots homed in like a couple of exorcets missiles on a battleship, twiching bites as they made contact with the rig, even had it nailed down with a flying back lead, did,nt stop them.


After 10 mins or so of getting out of the chair to reset my hangers the second rod went off at lightening speed, a flat-liner screamer mono tone butt-ringing run, a bow wave broke the surface, I thought this was the double figure one that has eluded me from this venue would finally be in the net.

After the intitial run the fist decided to kite across to the left, in anticipation of my first double had had to put a little extra pressure on the fish as it was heading straight for a snag that we knew was there from the summer months when the water was at it,s lowest.

Finally I managed to subdue it after a tug of war at close quarters around the reed beds.


A fiesty 7lb 8oz graced the net, not a 20 or even a double you might say but it gave a great account of it,s self, if anyone has caught these pure Koi you would know the fighting spirit that lies within them.

Thinking how a high double or even a twenty would go is what keeps me chasing these beautiful and elusive fish.


Let yours runs be screamers and your fish be whackers.





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