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Carp Care

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I think novice anglers generally dismiss this side of fishing, once this fish has been subdued through battle with man, rod and reel the after care should come into play.

Once into the net the suspended fish should be landed carefully onto a soft cushioned surface, not just left flapping around on the bank awaiting you to take the hook out.

At this time the fish is at it,s most vulnerable, with injury's inevitable, one of these eliminate the risk of damage to the fish. A good idea is to dampen the surface before you lay the fish down which keeps the scales moist.




You can kill two birds with one stone with this particular item, a un-hooking mat and weighing sling.

A baby's changing mat is an other option with a washable cover that can be put through the washing machine to keep those fishy smells at bay.



A damaged fish ie: scales missing, bleeding gills are very susceptible to infection at this stage so if you plan on releasing him or her back to the water, look after your fish, to fight another day. Cheers.





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I agree Nails, an unhooking mat is one of the most important bits of kit far as i am concerned. Its the first thing i pack everytime i go fishing, just like in the uk i still have the old rule with myself- no mat + no fishing for me that day :(.


Good on ya Wolfy....a tactic you could use, just incase you have forgoten your mat is to have your forceps handy, I keep my on my coat collar at all times, keeping the fish in the net and in the water is to un-hook it and let it slip back over the net, if you dont intend to take a photo or weigh it.



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