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Hi All well as we dont have a Kiwi section....


As some of you will know Im 99.99999% convinced that boilies dont offer an advantage in our wild koi infested waters...but having read Niblets big balls and donkey chokers Im thinking of giving it a go with boilies...will be over 10 years since I used one....wow Im almost a Kiwi...


So having also seen Nibs Tourist boilie recipe...the one question is rather than import flavours from Europe etc...what flavours have people tried with pure local ingredients...???


Tightlines all

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Over here in ozz i have used flavours like strawberry flavour and essence, I would say any cake mix type flavour would work with carp over here. Maybe try adding spices to the base mix or ground up bird seed for a different texture and smell.


I wish i could get black pepper essential oil over here a killer of a bait liquid. Try health food shops for things like liduid foods as they can give a really good slow leak out smell from a boilie.


I tguess the best idea is to go and have a look a round the shops to see what is out there. I have had success on flavours such as mint and almond essence.

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Ah that old chestnut flavouring....


I've found the available flavours for boilies over here can be a bit hit and miss, more miss if you don't get the flavouring right I mean there's no real way apart from tasting it yourself to judge if or not you have the amount of flavour right and I don't really want to taste some of the things I've knocked up in the past, especially if the dog turned its nose up at it first. :lol:


Its just my opinion but I think if you are going to go to the considerable trouble to make up your own boilies then its worth sourcing your flavours from overseas at least that way you know its been tank tested on Carp and works, and more importantly you are given instructions on how much to use for a given amount of base mix.





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