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Hello Aussie Carpers

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Hi Guys,


Just like to introduce myself my name is Grant and I live in Tumut about 1 1/2 hr drive from Canberra. I am a fairly keen carper and have got the bug the last few months buying some cool gear like rod pods, alarms and stuff to make some of them fancy rigs from the UK.


My PB is 18lb and I have caught a few more around the 15lb mark. I usually fish a pond close to home but with a few fish kills the last few years their average size and condition is average to say the least. We also have a few creeks and a local river with some double figure fish in it.


Blowering dam is our nearest reservoir. It holds a modest head of carp with some fish of up to 30lb in there but not readily reported of being captured. A night in the boat with a spotlight in the clear water will amaze most people with the average size of these carp, very rarely are they under double figures! The dam also holds a good population of crucian carp and a small population of goldfish.


Ayways look forward to talking to you all and posting on the forum more often

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Hello Grant and welcome to the forum.


Tumut man that's the middle of nowhere, or lets say its the middle of mountain country :lol: I lived in Canberra for 2 and a half years and always thought of getting up to the Tumut River but never got round to it, closest I got was Wee Jasper & the Goodradigbee River there's some nice Carp in there and they put up a good fight in that flow.


Hope to see you post up a few photo's or reports of those Alpine Carp mate.





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Yeah we have some good carping spots here although their not quite alpine. Not many people realise that Tumut is considerably lower in altitude than Canberra! I have fished Burrinjuck quite a few times with Techo on camping trips and its a top carp spot as he showed me.


If you ever get the chance to head up this way I have some awesome spots I can show you. :D

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Hiya Pitch, welcome aboard. Hopefully the flooding missed you and yours, Pete's cattle had to swim back to high ground after the weekend flood....


Pitch is also known as 'the cormorant', I saw him land around 50 carp @ Burrinjuck a few weeks back. And probably 60-80 redfin chucking lures i9n front of camp last cod opening. The 'juck has recently topped out, 100% full and about 30 megalitres a day going over the wall..... fish are loving it.


Chris - you gotta head down for a fish/camp with us - we fished near there in Careys reserve,(which is now flooded) we go down the lake proper on private property. Should be a goer for cod opening weekend (5 Dec?)


The 'bidgee flows out thru canberra into the 'juck, so its around 400m+ above sea level opposed to Canberra's 670m or so.



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