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I use a very big net used for sea fishing,never catch spines in it as the mesh is big,got a cord thru the mesh at the top of the net.this cord takes the strain off the handle with big fish,rough and ready perhaps,but a very expensive english import could not handle it very disapointed.Keep nets for small carp have that soft fine mesh and i find trouble with the spines.big carp i return quick after a big fight they get stressed.i have never understood how people can sack biggies untill there mate gets a camera. cheers macbilly

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For the groups i take fishing we had to get a custom made net for landing them as we found the standard nets could not take the large weights on a regular basis.

I think we went through 4 of the off-the-shelf nets before this current net came my way by means of a friend who is a metal fabricator with aluminium & stainless steel.

Last thing we wanted is to stress fish with net problems as i find the larger fish are a little more fragile than the smaller ones.

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I'm very pleased with my new home made, other than the attachment/handle sliding system which will be replaced as soon as some delrin of the right size shows up.


It is oversquare deep and we can now leave the fish in the water for photos, just by lifting the top of the net out of the water. It becomes a holding pen!


The flat seam bottom supports them in a reasonably straight line and de-hooking is quick and straightforward. The shade cloth stays wet (a bit too much actually, at the end of the day), doesn't stick to the fish at all and has enough thickness to act as a protective layer compared to normal mesh.


The only disadvantage is that I now pack a wheelie bin liner to take it home in. It just stays too wet to put it in the car without the bag.

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