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Maize is just an awesome bait. Not least because its cheap. 50 Kilo's of boiled up bait should cost around 20 quid. Make sure you soak it for a day and then boil it until it is soft.


If you leave it for a day or two somewhere warm it'll ferment slightly and this awill add to its pulling power. Hair rig a grain with a grain of fake corn to critically balance it.


If there's a lot of carp in your chosen venue and you are pre-baiting, there's no probs in putting 10KG in at a time.


When I've been to Canada- we've put 30 orr 40 KG's a day and still didnt hold the fish.


When it eventually blows you can dye and flavour it (dye it at the start of soaking process and add flavour at the end of the cooking process so it pulls it all in as it soaks the water up).

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I agree with the comments so far on Maize, personally I found it transformed my Carp angling here in Australia it resulted in more and bigger Carp, it really does seem to sort out the big ones and its always my first choice.


Its cheap, easy to prepare and you can pile it in when baiting up, you can't beat Maize fresh or fermented its the business. :D


Prep is important make sure you soak it for 24 hours in cold water, then boil it until its soft enough to get your baiting needle into, I've found this takes between 30 and 40 mins times will vary a little, you can use additives if you wish but all I add is a good hand full of salt and sugar in about 8 litres of soaking Maize.





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Thank you for your interesting and informed comments.The maize store is ajacent to my house so have no excuse,i use corn with reasonable results,but hey thats what fishing is about learning.Oh and fun.For very big fish i still use big balls of bread minimum lead big hooks too,try it tight lines lads Macbilly

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