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Quiet at the moment.....

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Very quiet at the moment over here in the west....our whiskered frends are up to other things with this spaight of warmer weather that has graced us recently...even the fish in my pond are not interested in getting on the chew...anyone over east finding the same........new noon comming mid/late this week so things may change..........





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It seems to have died down a bit in the last week or so. Full moon wasn't awesome and yesterday I sat around in the spot at Lake Ginnindera with very little happening. I had a savage short run and then what appeared to be a snag. A guy on a canoe offered to check it out and pulled it up with the line fluffed. Whatever it was, was sneaky.

In four hours we banked three Koi. Two at virtually the same time.

My fishing buddy's brother now has a koi pond.

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Ah Lake Ginninderra a bit of a moody enigma Ginny is, I lived at MacGregor so the lake was my local I think it would be fair to say that in my time in Canberra I clocked up conservatively 1000+ hours or more.


In my experience the most important factors are location, weather and time on lovely old Ginny, I'm not going to give away locations as finding them is all part of the fun of Carp angling, but a couple of tips I can share, I always found it fished best just prior to and during and after storm events or rain, indeed one of my most memorable sessions was during a vicious thunderstorm, not everyones cup of tea standing out in the open with a couple of 12 foot carbon fibre lightning conductors but you either want to catch or you don't :lol: early and late seemed to me to be the timing mantra it never did much when the sun was high indeed the only things active at that time seemed to be the colourful Goldfish so I'd tackle up light and have a go for them in bright glassy conditions, they don't pull much but they are very pretty fish and there's always the chance something bigger might like a light snack, on the few occasions that happened it was quite challenging on gear meant for finesse!!! :lol:





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Yeah it has been dead in my neck of the woods to. Friday arvo session in the local carp pond I ended up with doughnuts but dropped a few on floaters. I think I will have to get some bolt bubbles to convert better hook-ups.


Carp in the local creek have done there business with the warm weather from the last few weeks and I have been pulling a few small hungry ones but the mirrors in there are eluding me. I have a trip planned to one of the local impoundments tomorrow to try and catch a few crucian carp so will keep you's posted :D .

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Nice fish Steve much bigger than my little creek fish.


You can definetly come and have a fish in the dam when I am satisfied with its stocking levels Chris. I am always hunting the creeks for mirrors to wack in there.


I had a quick fish up our local dam last night with my fingers crossed I could bag a couple of crucians. We'll I had no luck on them but a look about with the spotlight later on and I seen 3 one was around a pound and a half.


I did manage this carp which will go to the larger 'specimen size' carp dam later this arvo




Open for discussion guys, I think its a crucian common hybrid. These type of carp are fairly commmon in our dam and are always this fat


BTW, I also seen about 20 carp in the light around this size and bigger and heaps of golden perch

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G'day Pitch and welcome to the forum mate!


I've been a bit quiet on here as have been relocating back to home soil from the UK. Epic!


That cruc/common, certainly has different features than your normal boolarra strain...almost king carp like tbh...nice fish!


Nice mirrors too..


oohh I'm starting to itch now waiting for my tackle to arrive from London!!




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