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Odd Environmental bait for a 33lb carp..


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Yesterday I drove to Belconnen to drop off a CD and decided to do a drive by my favourite Drive through.

Big Rooster. They are one of my favourite chip makers.

Just as I was about to turn right into the driveway, I noted that there was a guy fishing right out in front of it. Big Rooster in Belconnen is right on Lake Ginninderra (or however you spell it)

He'd hooked up and it looked to be giving him a rough time of it, so it was interesting to hold up the queue in front of the microphone and turn back to see if he landed anything. Keep in mind that the lake is about four feet down from the edge.


After fulfilling my need for a Rooster Roll and Chips, I parked in the carpark and went down to investigate.

There were actually two young guys about 19 or 20 and they'd just netted a carp of about 4.5 to 4.8 kg.


I watched one guy get two more in another 15 minutes. Both about that size. I watched as they baited up with RED ROOSTER CHIPS!


While I had a bit of a laugh, it was certainly doing the trick. Who knows how many other people had sat right where they were and flung their excess chips to the ducks.... who wouldn't have always got everything.


So while his mate caught the big ones, the second guy told me of his larger fish the previous fortnight. He said that it was a metre long and weighed 15kg. Of course, I gave this the credibility it deserves.

Until I said the magic "Pictures or it didn't happen". At that point, he whipped out his Samsung Galaxy and showed me the longest carp I've ever seen in Australia. It wasn't real fat, but it was still huge. He was holding it up in several different shots so I gave in and asked more about it.


Apparently it hooked up on their 10lb rods and stripped line until they panicked that it was going to take the lot. (They hadn't really filled their reels to the brim for a start.) They said that it was jumping out of the water quite a distance out. Eventually, they managed to bring it in and of course.... had no landing net.

And it's a not inconsiderable drop to the water.

As I was wondering how it all went down, the second guy chimed in and related how he'd ripped his pants off and had jumped in over the side so it wouldn't escape.


This appeared to inspire more actual mirth between the two than anything else. It would have been up to this guys waist at least and who knows how many shopping trolleys lie just beneath the surface?


Regardless, they actually weighed it. I didn't think to get them to email me the photos.


I just might convince my regular fishing buddy that we need to fish closer to the lakeside restaurants in future. As long as people don't mind hurdling our rods, it should be at least handy when the chips run out.

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That bit near Belconnen mall does get quite a lot of food scraps in there & I have in the past seen some good sized Carp cruising around there - its just not a very pleasant area to fish - the biggest photographed I've seen from Ginninderra went to 14kg and was just shy of a metre long unfortunately it ended up dead which rather a shame for such a good sized Carp.


They do tend to grow quite long in that lake like this one below, it wasn't anywhere near 15kg unfortunately. :)







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I just wonder if anyone will own up to trying chips.

I am extremely tempted to give it a try, but the thought of buying extra and still probably eating them myself tends to put me off..


Nice fish, chris. Maybe it's time for me to go out again now that my top lip has healed from sinker strike!

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Well, I must admit to going back with a boot rod and fishing old style with a second hook to hold the chip. Boot rods are by definition the rod that stays in the boot of the car for no plan fishing expeditions. The tackle box is not much bigger than a cigarette packet.


I managed to refrain from eating the bait and hooked a small carp of about half a kilo. With no scale, it makes experience the only judge.


Next time I'm going to try some chicken breast with mayo.

If that's a goer, I think that pizza is definately the next thing to try.

If the pizza dudes will deliver to GPS coordinates, I think it has the making of some serious extended fishing experiences.

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