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Standard Preservatives include Sugar, Salt, both can be added, but you won't really get much additional time out of them. (couple of days)


The best Preservative for making Bait last longer is Nutrabaits Preservabait, but even then you won't increase the Life by much unless you AirDry them.


The preservatives used in Shelf Lifes are things like Potassium Sorbate, which I don't trust, even in MY Food!

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If I was making baits I would source potassium sorbate, Ive tried nutrabaits and agree with whats been said it dont preserve for long and is quite costly.Potassium sorbate has been tested and tested till the cows come home and it's never been proved it was bad for animals or humans

infact potassium is a type of salt and sorbate comes from the rowan berry.Many foods use them, anything thats not frozen and has pastry case. I dont know the volumes that bait companies would use but say 50 kilo's of bait would be something like a half kilo of potassium sorbate

dont quote me on that though.But having said all that a frozen bait takes some beating, has a better smell then shelf lifes and I believe is more attractive to them carpio,s.

By the way did you know potassium sorbate has been in use since 1900,,ish just thought I'd mention that :roll:

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Potassium sorbate is a mild preservative. Its primary use is as a food preservative (E number 202). Its molecular formula is C6H7O2K and its systematic name is potassium (E,E)-hexa-2,4-dienoate. Potassium sorbate is effective in a variety of applications including food, wine, and personal care.


Potassium sorbate is the potassium salt of sorbic acid.


Potassium sorbate is used to inhibit molds, microbes and yeast and to increase shelf life, and is used in such tiny quantities that there is no known adverse health effects.


Like I said I don't like Potassium Sorbate in my food, its not got a good reaction with Yeasts Either, which I used to use in a lot of my Bait, also I like the 2day old sugar and enzyme forming on baits from the freezer. Potassium Sorbate prevents this from forming.

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