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making boiles from base mix.....

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Hiya all..

I have been using solars top banana's both frozen and shelf-life aswell as the pop-up's for about 18 mouth now and I think they are the dog's dangles but I wanna start to make my own from the base mix and I wanna know if after I have made them should I put them in the frezer like frozen boilies or will they be shelf-life boilies?? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I don't know the answer to this one. Thanks

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in the frezer like the others have said, fresh bait is best, i fount a few years back that air dried boillies frez well to,


after a trip to portugal we had loads of bolliers left, about 20kg, they had all been air dryed over the 4 days we fished so when we got back to my friends house we put all the bollies in the bait frezzer, after about a month we had a second trip to portugal and the bait was fine we did this about 5 time over the year and the bait thawed out ok we just re glug them in the flavor and went fishing, hope this helps tight lines...............

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