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the complete mix


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10%. fish meal pre digested


30% standard fish meal


10% maize flour


10% robin red


10% crushed hemp


5% Vitamealo milk powder


12% Moores CLO


5% Egg Albumen


5% Hemp Protein Powder


2% Pro Biotic Yeast Powder




20ml/kg Liquid Liver Extract.


1.5ml/kg Black Pepper Oil


0.5ml/kg Geranium Oil

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ive used a version of this mix for years but only in small batches , it can be a bit sticky at times its all down to how dry the mix is when you start rolling. i sometimes use one of those spay oils on the rolling table


this is first time someone is rolling for me, [ CCmoore] ive slighty changed a few things, crushed hemp instead of birdseed, the inclusion of the CLO and the hemp protein,


i wanted a mix i can use all year round that only needs a few ajustments for winter like incressing the milk content rejucing the fishmeal, changing the robin red to spirulina..


the base of the mixs is always milk, fishmeal, mazie, chrushed hemp. but you can change any part of the mix to suit yourself and the venue. its never ending what you can try,

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