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The Grinder issue raises itself again.

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There's a stall on our local market that does magazines for a pound and my missus happened to see Carpworld and bought it for me. I was just picking through it in the bivvy last night and happened on Mr. Hamidi on a bit of a rant and for some reason felt he the need to go into the grinder issue again. Dunno why he felt the need to defend it nearly a year on, maybe some of the flack that they get from forums :lol:


The crux of his argument seemed to centre on the fact that (he conceded the idea was ripped directly off from a weed grinder), the other company had ripped off their design of the teeth and that they had invested money into prototyping it. The result (other than a baseball bat) was an out of court settlement for cash and for the other company to surrender its stock.


He then goes on to say that because they are now such a big company they'll take on anyone who copies their innovative ideas - like the sinkers (split shot, putty, drilled bullets anyone???).


I just don't think they get it. They've ripped off other peoples ideas for the last ten years... but don't like it when someone copies one of their ideas (lets face it they've come up with nothing original in their history). But they have the balls to write a 500 word rant in a magazine, that people have paid money for to read about fishing. If they want to defend their position- here's an idea- come onto the forums and defend your position with the people that pay for your goods. That said Ali's final comments was that he had a massive left haymaker for other companies that took them on :shock::shock::lol::lol::lol::roll::roll::lol::lol::lol: Ali- you may be a good angler- but Jose Aldo (google him) you are not my son.


For the record- I'm not Anti- Korda. I looked through my kit this morning. I have one of their rig Pullers, Sinkers, Shrink tubing, a couple of gated baiting needles and stacks of their swivels and ring swivels- All of which are great products.


Where I have an issue is the 'big business' side of it all. Again- hats off to them, brilliant marketeers- you have made a fortune and have dominated the market. But don't get Pious over being the 'Eddison' of carp angling- you are clever rip off merchants with some dodgy products to boot.


Jamie Oliver- brilliant chap, done wonders for schools- I hope they give him a knight hood. But doesn't he get on your wick after a bit? Do you know what I mean?


Sorry mods if you think this has been done before- but that article really got my goat up.

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...herds goats!?!? hahahahah class, I almost spat me tea all over the computer, wouldnt have gone down well considering Im at work! lol


And to put the boot in, in carpworlds interview with DF it clearly has him saying that they take other peoples products and make them better, hence why they call themsels developments! How much better is up to everyones own opinion.


The whole thing stinks, to me it just sounds like they know they are the strongest market leader, have the most money backing them and feel they can bully more companies out of the industry.


anyways Im off to spod a granny of munga out! PUKKA!

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Lol - evryone's copying everybody else with their own twist of Camo, or Strength, Sharpness, Price ect look when Korda brought out stiff spod tails - great idea, Then fox brought out a spod with stiff tails and screw in middle - bye bye Korda spods hello fox duo! perfect example!

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