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Pepperami Good Carp Bait Or Not ?

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Its one of my favourite carp baits after boilies.


I love solid PVA bags of pellet and small slices of peperrani with an inch of peperanni on the hair - caught loads of carp and tench on it in the past.


I've had more success on the regular rather than spicey one for some reason.

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I have had some joy with other meats like chorzo and yesterday I saw a bloke catch a 25lb mirror on chilli-beef jerky, They is a few pplz using it on this lake in Germany but I have never used it know anyone in England to use it so I don't know what it will be like on a lake that has never see it before.

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What is pepperami? Is that the same thing as pepperoni?


Peperami, basically a trade name of a processed meaty sausage :wink:


Chorizo, salami pretty much all the same thing.


I've used peperami, but don't catch many on it, since I seem to end up eating the stuff :roll::?:lol:

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I used to use it quite a few years ago on a water where boilies were banned....and it worked very well. I also used cheese to similar effect. I used it recently on a couple of occasions but to no success...but I do have a lot of confidence in it from the past where it worked very well. I used the regular green packet version...used to get the wideboy version  it not seen that or know if they still even do it anymore...was just a thicker version of the same stuff. 


Of coarse you can't put a lot of it in due to cost...so I used to use it on stringers and was a boilies in when nobody was near or looking. One time on said bookie banned water some matchman type came running round n said "hey what was you firing in there? " pepperami I said showing him my opened packet. 😁😉later on once they knew I was the carp man with the pepperami i went onto cylinder shaped fishmeals boilies. And pushed the boilie sausages into used pepperami packets....and would cut it off as if it was pepperami from a pepperami packet. To anti carp anglers aka matchmen it was very easy to fool them. Oh the find memories I have if that water.... 😂🤣

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