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Neuilly lake in Orne Region

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Hi James


Me and my mate had a week in Aug.. last year Beautiful lake and facilities. see CCFH website..


Fishin was slow with x2 20's :cry: lost 2 good fish on pellet and nut sludge ...Very shallow and silty.. Most one the lake used Bait boats to cut down on the lead burying on cast..



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Hi James


5 of us went last year May , very nice lake. but a main road runs at the back of you can get a bit much all the french seem to blast their car horn at you all the way down the bank day and night.


Well to the fishing if you like your cats this is the place loads of 10 to 30lb to many first few days we ad almost 15 cats each try to avoid halibut or fish meal pellet/boillies as your hook bait the carp dont stand a chance the cats ar on it to quick. Changed to sweetcorn and tigers the third day started to pick up the carp the cats seem to leave corn alone. fish tight to the far bank if you can a long cast 130 yards but you can walk round the other side to bait up. Bait boat is a must as other anglers found it hard going without one. It got so bad for 2 lads we met on the lake they spent a full day driving around the towns to buy a dingy so thay could row their baits out. all the carp came from the far bank cats middle distance. Bait up well in a tight area the carp will move on it after a while . Their are boat charging points in tht shed next to the house as we found out on the last day. if you do your home work on this lake before you go its a big advantage lots of carp in their mate just need to wade through them cats.

Will go back again but will be more prepared on bait choice

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hi, i went to neuilly last april, it is a long drive from calais and quite tricky to find, especially the last part of the journey, so either use sat nav or really study the route on a map.

i fished out from the middle part of the bank, only had 3 mid twentys and one about 18lb, all week, they were all mirrors, however i think i might have had one or two more carp if it wasnt for the catfish, the catfish are a pain, i caught 12 catfish all around 20lbs? (i didnt weight them)

as i am not really into catfish, and i was fed up with catching them at 02.00am,

i thought i could stop catching the cats if i changed my bait from marine halibut boilies to cream cajousers and pineapple fluoros, I WAS WRONG...

i then tried corn and still caught cats,

it,s not very deep and there are not many features, most of the fish are right over on the far bank, you need to be an exceptional caster or take a boat, when i was there there were 12 anglers on if i remember right 4 of us caught and the rest blanked, nearly all the fish caught came from the very far bank.

on the way to this lake i noticed graffiti in huge white painted writing on the road, it was sayin ENGLISH MURDERERS,

where you bivvy up on this lake the road is right behind you, (30ft maybe)

all the french keep driving past 24 7 pipping there horns to annoy us ( i think). the owners are not anglers and you dont see anything of them.

you dont need much bait, or pellet, as this only attracts the cats, we caught on standard bottom bait tactics the same as you would use here at home, although it was very cold when we went, hope you have a better time than us.

i wouldnt go back



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