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dead maggots


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Boil some water, leave it to cool for a few minutes, drop a couple in and if they dont scald (go a whiteish colour) then tip em in and your done :)


If you are going to freeze them as studley says make sure its over a couple of days mate coz ive had em in the freezer for 24 hours and theve come back to life on me :shock:

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Do the old match angler's trick of putting some in a bait tub full of water and pick out the floaters, they will stay floaters after freezing too and will help balance a hook out to give a neutral presentation.


Freeze them for a few days, as said they can just go dormant and come back to life once warmed up a bit.


Also, when baiting up with them use a mix of live and dead, the live ones will spread out on the lake bed in all directions, the dead ones stay around the hook (obviously) therby giving you a bigger baited area for the carp to find.


Another trick I've heard of is to ball them in with groundbait, live and dead and use liquidised maggots to add stickyness to the groundbait mix! Seems a bit extreme but whatever floats your boat.....................

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