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Supermarket Sweep Baits!

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And then there is the unbranded versions of "proper" bait, classic example would be belachan ( fermented shrimp paste ) cc Moore will sell you a block for twice the price of the exact same product in

Seen this in Asda, it's a mix of peppers fish and crustaceans http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/[censored]o

It is funny you should mention coffee - I was only just thinking that if I got back into making my own baits again I might try to do a coffee flavour, or Coffee and x flavour.

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Try a piece of raw peeled garlic to tip off whatever bait you're using or even a whole peeled clove on a hair. I'm quite lucky, where I live I've got three large farm shops, a chinese supermarket and a couple of equine stores all within about a 5 mile radius so a summer spod mix can be done really cheaply with a good variety of ingredients.

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Coffee is under used...and New Potatoes either whole or punched?


It is funny you should mention coffee - I was only just thinking that if I got back into making my own baits again I might try to do a coffee flavour, or Coffee and x flavour.


I saw someone on Thinking Tackle using Bailey's irish coffe liquer in groundbait.

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I was recently making a batch of bait for a fishing trip and discussing this very topic to my nephew, who was amazed at the amount of good quality items fount in a super market, I even said id probably be able to buy all the  ingredients  needed to make a base mix, so I've been challenged to do so,


 Skimmed milk powder or baby milk, soya or semolina is a good binder, I mite find maze flour in the world food lane, bird seed from the pet lane [ground in coffee grinder,] fish meal will be a problem,  just going to grind up some trout pellet, liver is a good attractor, chilli oil , black pepper corns [course ground]. 








milk powder

soya ,semolina, maze flour,?

bird seed,/pepper corns

liver [blended]


wish me luck ! I've got to catch a fish from what ever I make to prove my point ,,, will post results as and when success come !





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I'm  at the boiling stage , what a pig its been,  I came up with this mix

Go Kat                  250  ground down to powder

Semolina              250 Gr

Milk Powder         150

Corn Flour            150

Bird Seed               50

Ground coconut     50

rainbow pepper

corns                      50  All 3 items where ground in a coffee grinder to a course powder


5 eggs

orange/lemon juice 25ml each

rape seed oil           10 ml




General mix was too wet with 5 eggs  so I added 100g of fine oats to dry it out a bit, left in fridge for 10 minuets, the mix become to dry and quite oily, made it difficult to roll, managed to roll about 1kg of bait , I'm now boiling, I've given them 2 minute's cook time. 

I would probably look at reducing the semolina a little and go with a 4 egg mix.


 This is open for everyone to play around with, The rules are everything must come from the supermarket,  

if any one fancy's a bit of fun. feel free to add ideas comment and see what we can come up with,,

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Semolinia, rice flour, soya flour (the basis of a cheap 50/50basemix...) chilli powder, ground chillies/peppers (remember robin red is made of this!) ground almonds, peanuts ground up, eggs, hemp oil/fish oil, oyster sauce, sugar, yeast, chick peas, lentils, mixed seeds, i like to look in the "world foods" section for inspiration, what with the baking flavours and colourants, you can make quite a good little base. Its worth bearing in mind these mixes can be quite coarse and porus, and the food colourants/flavours will give a high leak off rate as they are water soluable. The first bases were made up of their individual constituant parts, 4oz of casien, 4oz soya, etc we dont realise how convieniant modern bases are these days!



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Sounds good, especially on toast... :lol:


You may find without a firm base, this mix may dissolve quite quickly, as its going to have a high oil content unless the maize flour gives it the required firmness, which i suspect it would. Of course, thinking about it, the oil may act as a binder and it might hold together really well, im my minds eye i can see it holding up solidly...


I suppose the only way you'll know is making up a few samples and stick them in a glass of water and see what happens. I have used oyster sauce and peanut butter (seperately) before with some success, but as bait dips/additives - peanuts/tiger nuts coated with peanut butter, oyster sauce soaked pellets etc, but not tried to make a bait out of them.



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In the store by me, you can have a scoop or a thousand scoops, all for the same rate! Just bag it up out of the bins. This goes for a variety of baits like pigeon food, nuts, seeds, the pellets mentioned etc. As you say, you could save so much utilising these. Add to that all the liquid foods and attractors that they sell - the options are limitless!

jollys pet shop loads of stuff all in bins take as much or least you want do cheep tiger nuts(dry need preping)

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