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Supermarket Sweep Baits!

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And then there is the unbranded versions of "proper" bait, classic example would be belachan ( fermented shrimp paste ) cc Moore will sell you a block for twice the price of the exact same product in

Seen this in Asda, it's a mix of peppers fish and crustaceans http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/[censored]o

It is funny you should mention coffee - I was only just thinking that if I got back into making my own baits again I might try to do a coffee flavour, or Coffee and x flavour.



am sure this has been covered a thousand times, but i seem to cant find one (must be blind) . Am thinking about putting a list together for friends and fellow carpers , as we all know carp baits/glugs ect are expensive and some of us just struggle with cash.

But the fishes health is paramount.


Now my question is what items can we get from supermarkets which are good for carp and will catch ?


So far used

Lunchenmeat / bacon grill



peanut butter

fish sauce

Chick peas

Most dog/cat foods


ice cream sauce

any garlic

Most spices


pleased add


Tight lines



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1 bag of sweet corn

2 tins of sardines

1 tin of dog meat


Toped off with rice pudding that will leave a cloud in the water witch will atrack passing carp. I have had good results on this simple supermarket spod mix it's cheap and easy. I think in this day and age we can sometimes over complacate floavors in our baits for me it's better to keep

It nice and simple and give them something that you know there going to feed on. Always keep in mind tho you can have the best bait in the world but your only going to get the best results if you putting it in the right places :wink:

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We've found for the plus sized grass carp to marinate your maize in pineapple juice overnight and fish the maize on a hair or some form of citrus pop up on a Ronnie. 

For commons (in our area at least) we have had great success using a couple packets of the strawberry flavored Jell-O mix per 5 gallon bucket of boiled particle mix. Of course let it marinate overnight once again before baiting the swim with it. 

Another fan favorite for grass carp are cherry tomatoes I'm told, but can't speak for that one. 

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