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What tools!?

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Hi guys :)


Thought id make a topic on what "tools" are a must have for carp fishing along with the particular ones you have/use & why! :)


Im asking because ive just started up carp fishing again, ive got most my gear sorted but now its onto what tools would be handy to have at my side :)


Guess this thread also be good for new comers to the sport wondering the same thing!


what ive got so far is:


Brade scissors, baiting needle, forceps, superglue.. think thats it tool wise! pretty sure im missing out on alot more lol! :) ?


ta :)

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What the heck is a boilie grabber ? ( aside from the obvious )


I realise now its probably not an essential item for most but i use mine a fair bit due to using narrow-necked glug pots. Should just change them really but I can't be bothered. :lol:


And here's me just using my fingers :wink:

Mind you my glugs are in plastic jam jars



Edited because my phone is an idiot ... What the sam hill is a flub ??!!!

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I would also suggest a latch-gate needle.


The solar hair length tool is very useful but not essential.


The one tool I would be lost without is a 'wonder tool', it can be used for all sorts of things.


Mine is about 20 years old and was really guarding it as until I googled it just now to get the image I thought they weren't being made any more as I hadn't seen one in a tackle shop since I was in my teens!

Things it does:

>picking small items from tackle boxes (e.g. small beads etc)

>picking boilies from glug pots

>holding hooks in steam for shrink tubing etc

>pinching shot tight under baits on the hair

>unhooking fish

>cutting mono/flouro/leadcore/wtc (useless for braid though)

>before using the Ace/korda pulla tools I used the gap between the blades and gripping bits to hold hooks when tightening knots



Basically anything you'd use scissors or small thin pliers or forceps for...

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