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:D Just got in after having one of the best days fishing I've had in years.

Stopped counting when I got beyond 20 fish, that was around mid-day.Lost a load as well, lots of snags where I was fishing. No mega weighty ones, mostly between 10 to 15lb.

Sorry for blowing me own trumpet but I'm so chuffed 8)

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A place called Peacocks Lake at Timberland in Lincolnshire...

What happened was, I got there around 0430.Started to set up my carp gear got as far as my alarms (no rods) when I notice fish on the surface just in front of my peg.I cattied out some floating munga and after about half an hour they were really having it so I got my stalking rod out and was catching them ding dong.Usually they move off after a while but i had them in front of me all day long (it really was "too" easy).

Never did get the rest of my gear out, made a pleasant change from stressing about rigs, presentation,etc...

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