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Guest frosty6770

gravel rigs

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Get a feel for the lake bed by leading about or by using a marker mate.

You could find more weed and silt than there is gravel- you never know :wink:


If the water is gin clear and im fishing over gravel I tend to tie a fluro combi rig up with a beaked point hook, but tbh im using coated braids for pretty much all my fishing again now. One less knot in the setup is better than absolute invisibility in my eyes just as long as its all pinned down nicely.

Of late ive been using suffix camfusion pretty much everywhere as im that confident with the stuff. people get put off by how dark it looks but don’t be, it blends in pretty much everywhere. Obviously its perfect in the silty areas but it doesn’t look half bad on clay or gravel. It often blends in better than my "gravel brown" hooklinks :wink:


Have a look at the suffix camfusion, sheath skin or heavy skin mate. Very reliable and won’t break the bank :)


Hope I could help mate

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Is this any use?



It contains links to other hooklink material threads.


Personally I still haven't changed much from my recommendations made back then, and the pic in one of the links is of my tackle box, and that still looks pretty much the same :wink:


Most of my fishing is on gravel and silt areas, where the 2 tend to meet as I think the carp are comfortable feeding in that area. So my combi rig is Amnesia with either SuperNova or Merlin as the final hook section.


The addition to my box is Kryston Jackal, which although green has produced fish on gravelly bottoms that do have a coating of silkweed, as has the Combi-rig.


Don't confuse yourself with rigs, the knotless knotted or line aligned rigs still produce most of the fish in this country, but magazines tend to promote a particular rig as fashion, and it becomes the latest "must use". Be prepared carp over time can start to eject knotless knotted rigs (as any rig despite what you have been told), and I noticed on a weedy lake they don't always take hold properly, so I switched to a line aligner to correct it with much better results, which worked for me!






Have fun with that little lot :wink:

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