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Now how would you go about solving this snagfest!

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Hi all and greetings from Germany,


This water holds some very very large carp indeed.


There is only one spot you can fish from ( the rest of it being a wildlife reserve, so strictly of limits).

I have made a quick picture from the Internet and tried to indicate this with red letters ( it says: this is the only place you can fish from), with the red mark indicating that.



OK good, now what you are about to see when you scroll down is the view from the only swim you can fish. For those of you with a disposition of a snaggy water....please leave this post now and for gods sake don't look you will end up having nightmares.......


Looking left:





Phew...Looking dead centre:




And now Looking right:




OK I did warn the snag shy, Horrible isn't it :shock: .


It does look like a scene out of "apocalypse now".


Its situated between 2 small villages in Sachsen Anhalt, a renowned mining area in the old east Germany. Around 1963 there was a mass cave in of all the old mineshafts that pushed all the water to the surface.


There was already a old lake near it, but overnight it expanded in size cosiderably.


What your seeing is the old train station, the intial flood was a lot higher but it settled to the level it is now.


Why would I want to fish it?


2 years ago a German "celebrity" carp angler took 2 carp from here weighing: 68 pounds and 72 pounds.


But he fished it from the wildlife reserve (on the map marked with the orange circle), how he got permission I don't know, money changing hands or whatever.


2 weeks ago I took a small bag of tackle and rod and landing net with me when I walked the dogs incidentally on the wildlife reserve (out of bounds).


I lasted no longer than 30 minutes, not wetting a line but just looking for a spot. before the "stassi" turned up (what made me laugh was it is a protected landscape but they deemed it necessary to come for me in a 4x4 car!) how many birds they scared is any ones guess.


Threats of fines: (large) Me: total ignorance just walking the dogs (protected environment ....well I never).


So I'm stuck with the only spot I can fish from.


Last weekend on Saturday evening I went with the wife, the spot was free.


I spent half an hour just leading around and trying to find a reasonable clear patch (no old lamppost's or street signs). :shock:


In the centre and right picture, I have about 3 meters out 15 sq meters with no outrageous obstacles.


The depth is around 1.2 meters (4 feet?). The bed is sandy coloured silt but not very deep 50mm (2 inch).


I put two rods out in the centre of the clear patch, both on bolt rigs with very strong braid hook-link material.

Size 6 barbed hooks, self tied blow-back rig 100mm long (4 in imperials).


1) "scopexsqiud" 18mm boile with small PVA bag with 3 freebies and hemp.

2) "source" 20mm boilie, and again with freebies and hemp.


The lines were slack, but I sat right next to them.


What actually happened:

The only bleep I got was when a bat flew into my line and I watched a masterclass from my wife on the use of the waggler on the lift method not 3 meters out (they can fish these girls).

As she caught 4 crucian carp all over 1 kg and 2 small common carp around 2 kg and something that bent the rod (more bent than Graham Norton and Julian Clarey put together), 2 lb TC rod and straight through 18 lb line, snapped her up.

She was fishing Maggot and sweetcorn.


We wont mention the fact that I told her the camera had run out of batteries :evil:


I can devote as much time to this en devour as I like.


What advice I would appreciate is:


1) rigs ( I am currently on the bolt ), I my self think may a in-line method feeder.

2) The main problem is if I hook into something big I would like the best system for bit indication as early as possible, you only have to look at the pictures to see why!


I am going back in 2 weeks time, I can only do weekends or very short evening sessions.

But I will not stop this quest until I have a "facebook" fish.


Any advice or ideas are most welcome, when I'M next there I will be on mais and plastic mais with hemp and seed in bags.


I will not pre bait for someone else to reap the benefits.




Kind regards Gerry.


Will post progress on here and it could take years.


Tight lines UK.

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What a fantastic place , If it were me i would load up with some heavy braid for starters and fish small baits , since your wife lost one then corn or maggots would seem a sensible place to start . If the place doesn't get

fished much they may be put off by boilies . With regards to earley indication i guess you fish as tight lines as possible and sit on your rods .

Do keep us informed and keep an eye out for the zombies because that bus is just the kind of place they live.

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Awesome :)


I have done a fair bit of snag fishing myself, however nothing quite like that.

Rig wise; do you mind loosing the lead every time you get a run??

If you do not, I would seriously advise a lead dumping setup, especially based upon those photos. But...

(now I know I am going to get frowned upon for saying this) I find inline leads to be more suitable when snag fishing if you want to retain the lead and avoid the snags.


I have several reasons for this, the main one being the fact that I got snagged up less with inline leads in comparison to swivel style leads.

In clear water though, I use a swivel lead set-up nearly 100% of the time.


I can only assume that this was because the lead was not able to catch snags as easily due to it being constantly in line of the mainline. There were very few ways in which the lead could get caught in a snag whilst playing the fish so more often than not I could drag fish out of snags without getting the rig jammed. To give the lead more chance of coming off the leader in the event of break, I removed the insert and used a rubber bead to just about grip the lead by the hook link swivel.

This also has many advantages in just general hooking terms when you think about it and I used this as standard when ever using inline leads.


Obviously its game over if the line gets caught up in the snags but that is when 15lb Daiwa sensor and heavy duty leaders come into their own. I also find that fluorocarbon is more resistant to damage than people give it credit for.


Tackle wise, I used my 2.75lb tc Fox rangers for doing so as opposed to by Chub vantages of the same test due to the rod being of a more forgiving nature allowing me to give the carp far less line.

Although the Vantage has the stiffer action allowing more pressure to be more readily applied to the fish in the fight it would inevitably lead to more hook pulls in a "hit and hold" situation.


I also fished as near to locked up as possible and at as shorter range I could get away with. Pretty basic commonsense really.

I did not however fish tight lines. This may seem bizarre but I find that on a tight line the carp will often ark after feeling the drag of the line as it runs after initially being hooked, more often than not finding a snag before the rod has really had chance to rattle off.

Using a slacker line (obviously not fully slack as that would be close on insane) I found the carp would not arc as soon, possibly because it could not as instantly feel the direction of which the mainline is and therefore would not be able to arc away from the pressure as quickly, giving a more obvious run and a second or so more to connect with the fish.

Does that make sense or am I talking drivel??



Hope something in there gives you an idea, Good luck fella! :P

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Looks like a Carp paradise!



The mainline obviously needs to be strong for when you do hook a good fish, as does the hooklink. Will you need to have a "snag" leader or tubing to protect the line?

Are running leads an option, with the split in the side where they attach to the mainline so that the lead and ring can come off the line in the event of a fish getting snagged. Or a normal run ring with the lead tied on with a weaker mono?


I agree with Zander's post, in that inline "zipp" shaped leads don't hang up on snags as much as lead clips, other pendant attachments, or even shouldered inlines, again you can get breakaway inlines with a split in the side of the lead; an insert is inside the lead, but should the lead get snagged the insert and line pulls out of the lead.


If you are using a leader then obviously the lead needs to be ejected so that the fish are not trailing leads and leader, or so the run ring can slide up and over the leader knot. With a braided leader (like the outer of leadcore of which I'm not a fan) you are able to come up with various lead release systems on inline leads to allow ejection.


I hope that there is something in all of this little lot that helps you, have fun :!::D

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It certainly looks like a day light water with no time to turn your back for a widdle as you'd wanna be on your rods asap!


As you're not allowed to fish from any other bank than that marked in red what are the rules and restrictions to boats on the water?


Also what is the overall size of the place?

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I'd probably look at something like spiderwire flourobraid for my mainline. Tough as old boots, it sinks- and because its braid you'll register every little knock- so you can get on it quick. Hooklengths I'd go for with Kryston quicksilver gold, or nash bullet braid. Not the finest of braids- but there's no point hooking the fish if you can't get them out.


If you think you could get away with a little inflatable...I'd keep one nearby and as soon as fish made it to a snag (if you couldn't keep it out), I'd take to the water. There's an argument that would say - get in the boat straight away- but you wouldn't have the same firm grounding to stop the fish. A 30lb+ fish will tow you and a little dinghy easily enough for it to reach teh snags.


As the lake is only 4ft deep- if you can't use a boat- get a decent set of chesty's- you could probably wade out if it gets snagged.


If no-one else is fishing down there... I'd pre-bait the hell out of it to get the fish used to coming out of the snags and having a munch.

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Im new to snag fishing myself and only recently whilst on holiday in france got my first proper taste for it. I started off fishing way off as I was so worried about getting a fish tethered up and as a result was simply not on the fish and didnt catch much. Once i got my head around it and started thinking i was fishing for barbel ie hit and hold, then it all started coming together...anyways getting off track.


My question for all of you lads is...


Is it cheating to clear an area of the snags as the lake is only 4 foot, you could wade out, or boat out and get in and cut some out? If you had an area of water that had been cleared out and then start prebaiting for a while before you fish to get the fish out and moving about the area, then you would have a better chance of getting the bigger ones out? Or is this just plain cheating? Im not saying remove all snags, just the real danger ones, like the posts etc from one area?

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if a boats not an option then id definitely get a bag load of leads and lead about for a day and see how many a lose :D who knows what other snags are hiden below the surface.


if it was me id get a boat,to give a better picture a lot quicker.....i could even be tempted to set up on the bus roof :D

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Hi All,


Firstly what can I say: thank you all for the comments and advice.


@ mrdevon: If you click on this link, http://g.co/maps/gkfg4 it gives you a good indication of size.


Unfortunately boats are out of the question. The only place to fish is indeed the area marked red at the top. It is a wildlife reserve.


Taking on all advice, all of which was top draw and very much appreciated.


The plan is this for the coming weekend:


Avoid the bus at all cost as johnplumb mentioned it looks very zombieish and I haven't got a Korda KombieKiller.


I'm with Zander1, salokcinnodrog and cobleyn. I have brought a good braid mainline, but will only fish one rod.

With thie inline lead the drop off, I think two rods in the water at the same time is more of problem with this water.

My other rod I will take will be a waggler, seeing as my wife had a good season last time ( and their so much fun).


Went down there tonight to lead around some more, very confident with the area I have to fish now.

I have a good understanding what lyes beneath. So getting wet and wadding out will not be a problem ( ALL READERS: PLEASE NEVER DO THIS ALONE, EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW THE WATER LIKE THE BACK OF YOUR HAND).


Had a little bit of time left before dark and seeing as there was no active signs that the spot had been fished in the past week. I prebaited the spot were the rig will sit next weekend (sweetcorn, hemp, seed and kidney beans).


The activity of the fish was amazing, springing and crashing all over the place.

So tthought I would put out a waggler with a size ten hook and 2 sweetcorn, Results: 4 roach and 2 curcian in less than 20 mins.


If carp.com run a competition for the weirdest faces pulled in pictures, I think I have chance of at least silver.


All perfect condition and over a Kg (not the roach):






Or perhaps Gold.


Tight lines UK.

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Hi guys,


Just a Quick update: Never got the chance to fish at the weekend.


Saturday had to by a new (secondhand) car. The VW transporter is 100% on its last legs, but has served us well for 5 years with 4 kids and 2 dogs (I am going to miss that car).


The replacement was a VW Sharan.....Haven't made my mind up on it yet, but wife is happy: " like driving a normal car not a panzer" she said!


Sunday was taken up by having to get ready our summer place in the Forest for the winter: Disconnect electric, shut of gas, clear dead branches of trees and so on...there are 2 lakes nearby and I managed to get an hour for a good bream though.


So I manged to get to the Snagfest on late tuesday afternoon after work. With The idea of 1 rod with the inline lead and a waggler.


That changed immediately when I arrived; there were two guys fishing already; general chit chat and inspecting each others licences ( very normal in Germany).


I asked them what they had caught, the answer was 5 roach and 1 small crucian since 7 am (not looking happy).


I looked at were they were fishing (both on the method feeder). Thought to myself thank god. They would have been snapped up in a instant if something bigger took a fancy to their bait.

They were so close to deadly territory. I said nothing of course.


So I just used the Waggler ( I wasn't going to give away my spot ).


No ground baiting. Just 3 sweetcorn, size 10 hook.........and within 10 mins a lovely carp, although small ( i think about 10 pounds ). It gave a tremendous account of itself.


SORRY ABOUT THE PICTURE QUALITY, I used a back up camera I have in the bag (normal one being used to take pictures of my T4 to sell).


It fought like a demon, even on the bank, so no weighing, very quick pic and returned.


Naturally I am guaranteed a medal in the face pulling department.





The 2 other anglers started packing up after taking the picture of the little fighter.


When this baby graced my hook, again not good picture quality but the heaviest crucian I have had from there.



Well needless to say after watching those 2 come out in the space of half an hour they were doing some head scratching.


I told them it was all luck and I have never fished here before (lets face it we have all been the head scratcher at some point, but was good too be the other bloke just for once) .


Planning to have a good crack at it this coming weekend, and a quick Friday after work (if I am Lucky).


Tight lines.



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My kind of fishing.Real hard snag fishing but to fish this sort of area properly and safely(fish welfare)you really need a boat.Very much like fishing at rainbow lake(france)Good luck and if you ever need a fishing partner there give me a shout.Im sure there is somewhere on the lake you could get lost.My bivvy before has been a tarp sheet tied to 2 trees covered with braches and leaves no radio silent alarms and rods covered by branches.Where thers a will thers a way.

My last fishing trip i was stopped by the police shimming around a post that locked the industrial estate up but had a few good barble.He who dares win.........

82lb carp was taken snag fishing at 210yrds did get snagged with a couple of fish but due to haveing a boat not 1 fish was left snagged even in pitch darkness i would be out in the boat if needed.

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Looks like a challenge!


The massive thing in your favour is the depth and firm bottom. I'd be out there in the chesties or wet-suit with an appropriate "prodding stick" to ensure what I was about to tread on was solid - to find out exactly what obstacles were where. I'd imagine there's as much that you can't see as the ones that are poking up above the surface?


My experience is that it's not difficult to stop a fish getting into snags that are further out than where you hook them (simple fishing "locked-up" and then employing "hit and hold tactics") - the thing that kills you every time is if there are snags left/right that they can kite into on a tight line. If you can map the snags out - you'll be able to find an area that fits with this logic. (You may even be able to remove some of the snags?).


Fish will be comfortable feeding anywhere around those snags - so once I'd found a spot that I was comfortable with that I could hold them, I'd beef up the gear to suit the size of fish being angled for and then bait the area for a couple of weeks, then fish it while still keeping the bait going in.


Hope that helps with a few ideas.

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