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Lol, great post!

I love making groundbait and have had some great results using my own mixes. It's becoming harder and harder to source quality ingredients in bulk in my area. We had a great grain merchants in town but they closed down, it was a real old fashioned place, stocking just about every type of grain and pulse you could think of, they also sold bulk crumb and bird feed (pigeon rearer is great), the service was excellent and they always beat Hinders on price, I guess thats why they went out of business.

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I like to put fennel seeds in or on just about everything; haven't tried to prove that they have any affect but they help to clean up maggots and add an aniseed type smell to hemp and pother particles. I like to crush them and add into paste mixes or cheese.


I buy them in bulk, not those silly small spice jars, they cost a fortune.


@yessongs 8) I also like to listen to Yes, top band.

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