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Well, I was warned about that feature of braid..


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So, a few weeks ago my fishing buddy decides that he wants a sinker with a swivel embedded. As a machinist often has an outlet for such things, a few days later he sends me photos of his little mould. It produces 80 gram sinkers one at a time and they look like a little hockey puck.

The swivel is just poked into one end of the mould and the molten lead poured in the other. A few seconds later, you can split it apart and out pops another sinker. (Yes, don't bother mentioning the lead fumes thing. It's all under control.)


So the grand showing of these little beauties was Bowen Park on the side of Lake BG where we've never fished before. Now that we've both got rod pods that don't require pushing into the ground, we have been exploring other venues with access to carparks and cement paths near the lake edge.


We figured that the big rods should get a showing and just to see what would happen, used some bolt rigs out far and some regular rigs in close.


We know that the edge of Bowen park is where the original river used to run, but we were very surprised at how quickly it drops off in depth. Far more than what we thought based on the length of line we put out and how steeply it went into the water.


Some work with the float rods reqired in future.


Anyway, people either side of us were pulling in carp, except the Vietnamese guy with the 80 pound braid and the shark hooks. (We set him right on that)


I managed to bag two Refin on corn, much to my surprise and to the delight of the Vietnamese fisherman, who was looking for lunch. He popped them into a plastic bag and disappeared.


Eventually, we decided that it was time to see just how far one could cast one of these little sinkers tied to some 15lb braid.


After a few medium effort lobs that we pegged as close to 80 metres, I decided to have a go like some of the casting instructors show how to do it on facebook.


At this point, yes. I was told earlier on to get a finger stall when I used braid. I'd forgotten.


I might have gotten away with it if I hadn't also set the drag up properly.


So, with a large step forward, and left hand into the chest and right arm out in a snapping motion, I powered the poor little sinker out towards the far horizon, or so it seemed.


There was quite a sawing sound as the drag slipped on my trusty Shimano.


"Wow" said my co-conspirator" That was a rather savage noise!" as we watched the sinker disappear from sight.


By then, the first stings of pain were well and truly on the way, but the blood hadn't yet started.

(You can't see anything but the faintest trace of a scar now...)


After we saw the tiny splash, I chanced a look at my finger. Hmm.

[censored]. With a bit of luck, nothing will hit that bit of my finger for a while.

I managed to abrade about a millimeter deep trench about a centmeter long.


And who brings bandaids fishing, honestly?


Clipping the line off and winding in then saw me retrieve two tent pegs from the back of the car. With the tape measure, I put them exactly ten meters apart and then wound the line off until around them until I hit the clip again. With eleven strands between the pegs and a meter more, that puts the cast at 111 meters.



You bet.

Everything we caught that day was at about 4 meters away, so it wasn't so much casting as swinging things out.


However, we have a trip planned now to a lake a few hours away.

It has a channel running through it which we have measured at 84 metres from the most convenient casting point, thanks to Google Maps.


And then of course, I can always go surf fishing at the coast.

Stainless steel rod pods rock on the sand!

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Very interesting long distance casting for carp.Most important on certain types of water i e hard fished waters or big open type water,very good overseas,but Aussie waters fish well closer in .easy to hit bites easyer to get burly in.I try to bring fish in close with my burly.But who says I am rirght,enjoy your fishing your way and good luck to you cheers Macbilly

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