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New here- Hello to you all


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Welcome Danish...you may want to try the Barwon...river that is...you,d be suprised what turns up there...Keep us posted on your piscatorial adventures....Cheers




Hello Everyone!,


My name is Danish, this is my first post. I live in Melbourne and I love fishing - especially carp fishing. Would love to go on a carp session with you guys.


I am going to Breakwater-Geelong next Monday- will keep you guys updated.




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I have caught fish to just under 17lbs, a double is still a good fish.


Same story as everywhere locating the big fish. There defenitly some of them a round down here.


Melbourne has some good waters i here, so hopefully you will have some good catches.


tight lines


stoke carper12


Yeah mate! couple of good lakes around here. My one's would be roughly the same weight I reckon but could be less :wink:


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Nice fish not sure what size it is. I would say a round this region most of the fish are under doubles. Some of the rivers hold some of the bigger fish, but there is less fish and they tend to not take baits on the bottom that quickly.


I fished a few a waters when i used to live in Melbourne good luck in your quest.


tight lines



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