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the new shimano BIG baitrunner

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ive got a set of the original shimano big bait runner long casts, which i love!!! but ive just seen the new shimano big baitrunner XTA which i got told was the newly designed long cast?

now personally i think the new ones look look ultra sexy and being a bit of a tackle tart, thats what got me interested!


so i went to the tackle shop who had 2 but had sold both before i got a look! but speaking with the bloke, he said to stick with the old ones as he didnt think the new ones were as good!!


anyone got a shimano big baitrunner xta? who used to have long casts? and what do you think??


bill :D

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Hi ya Bill mate


I was speaking to the guy in my local shop about these as I am looking to upgrade as I have the Shimano Super Baitrunner XTR's....


He said pretty much the same that they are not quite as good as the old ones and were not as smooth as the bearings were different to the old ones.

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yer they look pretty swish...was suprised when he said the bearings werent as good as thats what shimano is renowned for! he didnt help me much with which ones to buy though...i love mine but need something more substantial plus like you...i am a tackle tart and basically want a new toy!! any sugestions??


when you out next?

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phippers, mate prob just gonna stick with my long casts mate, they have done me proud! but so have my wychwood epic reels that i use for my spod and my marker work. not sure when im out next?, im skint and it is stupidly cold aswell ha ha!


and zammo.......... you know me too well!!!! :oops:


ha ha :D

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