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Dog, Winter and New PB, The Dogs!

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The Dogs from the PB thread, Barnaby is the Big Golden Retriever, and Douglas is the White terrier style dog. As you can see, they make themselves comfortable in the bivvy.






I am trying to find and upload of one with Barnaby by the rods; for some reason it won't upload of my phone onto the PC, but it is somewhere on my Facebook wall

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Thanks sir. I am a dog man - spent a couple of years training hunting retrievers in a kennel (nearly all labs but the odd golden) and i've had a couple of black labs of my own. Why, dogs who haven't moved all day will sometimes get up to come visit me.

How can you tell who loves you more, your dog or your wife?

Lock them both in the trunk of the car for a couple of hours, then open it up and see who's glad to see you!

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