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a season off

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No mate but I'm looking forward to it, as far as I know the split holds fish over 70, often heard them slapping the surface when I've been on the causeway between there and the north.


It's not an easy water but the cats get hooked regularly and there's some lump carp to be had too although I'll try and resist temptation.


Good luck with the cats mate. For me there's only one way to "select" them and that's with dumbell fish leeches. I fished Claydon a bit many years ago and the leeches certainly sorted out the cats on there. We used to buy them from a firm called "Biopharms" and, although they were expensive per leech they lasted forever.

Be lucky.

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I remembered that company Keith, I believe a mate was paying something like a fiver each


That sounds about right mate but 5 of them will last ages unless you start hauling of course.

The easiest way to get them out of the jar is to put your hand in it and wait for them to hang on LOL.

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Decided to give up my north ticket and have a season after cats, my target's a sixty pound UK fish and I've one summer to do it.


Jan 2012 should open new windows on a tiny syndicate.


oak lodge in rayleigh essex, its a day ticket water mate but you will have your big cat!!!

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