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"Seasonal" pack baits

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I all the time hear guys at the carp pond say, "This is a good summer bait, winter bait, June bait, Wednesday bait, whatever bait..." ; or, "This bait works well in winter, but they won't bite it in summer, fall, whatever"


Can anyone give me a rough run-down on what baits work best in which season?

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this might help some I don't know it has for me and a lot of others when it has been gone by. So here it is just for you. :D


march --- trout chow, mellow fruity


April ----- trout chow, strawberry


May ----- trout chow, hot cinnamon




Aug ---- millet, pack bait, rice


selp ----- trout chow


anytime bait ---- bread, grits, soybean meal, oats


JustCarp'N :D

the first pay-laker and the one that got them their name. :shock:

ty fishing what is growing at the time of year.

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i use either soybean meal or an oatmeal bait that i got off of ebay for 1.00. look-up seller "sweettoothexpress" on ebay and they have a efile they will send you for a buck, called 101 carp and catfish bait recipes! use the oatmeal bait one, but i substitute wheat germ for the cornmeal and i use the vanilla butter nut with the n-butric acid in it, that you can get from wacker baits online. hope this helps 8)

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I fish tourneys and we do quite well we use grits and flovoring of your choice you take one box of family size and half a small box of quick grits and 1 can of cream corn like most pack baits be careful with the flavoring t is very possible to use way to much and they wont bite we have recently caught a 36.6 at the pay lake called lenords in greer S.C

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