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Kevin Nash - The Final Account

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Has anybody seen this DVD yet? I'm not much of a DVD fan, but this one blew my away!


I got round to watching it the other day after asking it for christmas, but got given in pursuit instead (which i already have :evil: ). I was glued to the television from start to finish, didnt move an inch.


I felt like i was there and i felt he put a personal touch into his DVD, it didn't feel like he was trying to sell you his products, it just felt like you was going into his adventure with him.


Has many ups and downs and shows you the reality of carp fishing, well i thought so anyway.


I also felt quite sad at the end of the DVD (Won't say why incase you havn't seen it) but it was very well put across.


I think it was definately worth the money! and overall a very good watch.


Ross. :)

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i dont want to knock the guy........but :D


he says " its all about the screaming run" then sits there for nights getting one bleep and then hours later reels in with a fish on the end...now i think guys with less skills would of looked at that and changed tactics.......................if its "all about the screaming run"???



and that whole set up on the grass to suss why the rod got pulled and cut him off?????really ???well im not going to buy his grippers :roll:


apart from that i really enjoyed the surface fishing at the end :)


i think his 1st dvd is great, i learnt a lot about markering from that 8)

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