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whats your favorite type of carp bait

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My favourite bait to use in my club water is double maize on a hair on a size 10 hook (small) for most of the year. Have experimented with raw bacon but only works on a few lakes (where its the killer bait there) For the winter it has to be a "luncheon meat". The last time i fished with a boilie was 3 years ago and i used a white chocolate and a SSR+ which is i think strawberry and raspberry surprise.both 16mm i think !

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Do you know what im yet to use fresh bait. such as luncheon meat but i think i might give it a whirl. I've heard spam ostensibly another good one. an it costs a fraction of what boilies cost. what have i got to lose. a day on the bank maybe but a valuable lesson learned.

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No Nutritional Value to the fish, but they seem to like them all the same!!


An enzyme inhibitor I believe "convinces" the carp that they are edible and nutritional. They don't have much useable protein in their natural state (same as Peanuts).


As for favourite baits:




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