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Banana Millet


8 cups millet

2 cups wheat bran

2 cups flour

16oz corn syrup

2oz butternut flavoring

2 box banana cream jell-o

4oz honey


Put all but millet, wheat bran and flour in blow and stir well. Let set an hour stirring every 15 minutes for that hour. Then mix millet, wheat bran and flour real well in bucket. Pour the wet stuff over it stirring as you do so and mixing till you see no more flour in it. Lay it out on wax paper and let air dry for a few hours and then put in bucket and put lid on it air tight let set over night and go fishing the next day.

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Thanks for the recipe, Paul.


With millet, I prefer Karo Light (clear) syrup to the Dark Karo.


Tom Brooks (Mr Big) reckons that all Karo Syrup is rubbish and the best is Bob White Crystal White Syrup.


Do you have a preference?




I like Karo the best for that is what it was made with to start. I think that it has a better feel to the bait when it is done and set up all the way to. Well I got a lot of fish with it too and not so bad over the years. Karo been good to me. ps (clear)

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