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advice on derbyshire carp lakes

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Mate should you find anything can you let me know. Lived in derby for 40 young years and not heard of a day ticket water holding 30s but hope I'm proved wrong.


I have heard off a cheap ticket that they say holds 2 30s but in my opinion it don't think it does but again I could be wrong.


Anyway good luck and should I hear anything like you or me are after I will pm you direct



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The best places in Derbyshire for day ticket waters and even a quick overnighter are:


William Thorpe and Hardwick Hall lakes both available on day tickets and both hold 30's


williamthorpe is a £45 per season 30's carp water which has 5 ponds I think number 2 holds the biggest fish, mulberry has performed well and so has corn


Hardwick 2 lakes again 30's but get's busy with tourists in summer months this has recently had a haircut so to speak with all the hedges around the lakes being cut back and allowing for new locations to fish from. The dam wall is for coarse angling and popular with pole fishing where as the lake with the island at the bottom is popular with carp anglers, this is not a very deep water or at least does not appear that deep.


Not sure on the rules for either sorry!


Also heard rumours about clumber park holding two 40's Pinky and perky so have a look at that one too!

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Not sure but we used to fish the top lake its in the woods and not many people know its there so you have to ask to fish it as I don't think anyone has fished it for a while it did hold the biggest fish in the early 90's though big grass carp I think they took some out for the pond behind the pub!

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Clumber park holds some monsters- locals are very unfriendly though.


So whatever you do- don't mention that there are 40's swimming around in it. :lol::lol::lol::wink:


Im not suprised that lake holds some monsters, its a monsterous sized lake!


nearly 2 miles long! (just measured it on google) lol


chances of bagging one there on a day ticket are slim!

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