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Ha ha! Good news! Generally go for better fish but sometimes nice to get some action to reasure yourself that your not doing it all wrong! Can't see myself getting over before the new year being realistic, but thanks for the offer mate! Good to know that I'll still be able to do some carping, as well as having a go for all the new exotics! What sort of sizes are about?

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average size is mid to late double largest fish I know of being caught that is still swimming is 43lb most would class a mid 20-30 as a really good fish (if weights are your thing?) they fight like raging bulls and most of them have not been caught before or at least not very often.


As I said let me know when you come over, more than happy to give you some help. :wink:

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Hey there.

I been here 4 yrs now and never been carp fishing as always here bad story's of having to kill them. Which I would never ever think of doing.

I was a mad keen carp angler back in north west England an jus can't go any longer with out the exciting chase for a Wiley old carp. Not to mention the fight.

If anyone knows of any waters in or close to Sydney that would be amazing. I do prefer quieter waters where it a mystery what may bite but at this point any where to put a bend in my rod would be awesome.

Please feel free to msg me with any info or even take me out for a bit o fishing. I'm keen asan in nneed of this. Haha.

Many thanks



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