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The Basic Details

Date Thursday 13th September – Sunday 16th September

Time 12pm (allowed on site from 10am on the Thursday). Off at 12pm on the Sunday.

Full cost £84.50 each - Due before 1st July (to include a curry)

Deposit £22 - Due before 5th May

Extra for meat (optional) £5 – to be paid with deposit


The social will be held in September at the Carp Societies’ Horseshoe Lake ( http://www.thecarpsociety.com/horseshoe/HS_welcome.htm ). I have secured the use of Winter Bay and have swims booked from 13 through to 35. I had originally looked at booking Sandhurst but a lot of people wanted to attend so we needed a bigger venue!

I have made the draw for swims already and have tried to place people with their +1’s and travelling partners. Details of this are on the following images. We can start arriving from 10am on the Thursday.

You will also see a Google earth image where I have drawn on the yardages to give those who have not had the pleasure of fishing there the chance to put some sort of scale to the map.

I would advise those who have not fished there to have a look through the Carp Society website. I have included a list of rules which, as you can appreciate, must be followed.

The lake is a wonderful place to fish and it is not very often a booking like this can be made on there. I know a few of us have fished it before but for those who haven’t – you are in for a treat. I have seen some of the most amazing sunsets there and caught some of what I believe to be, the most beautiful strain of fish in the country. Again, I have put some pictures below to wet your appetite!

If you have any questions then please ask and I will try to add to this post to keep all the relavent information in an easily accessible place at the start of the thread. For those who haven’t yet sent me your number, please do; it is easier to do a group text than a group PM.




The list is now full but if you would like to come I will put you on the waiting list and maybe try and see if we can squeeze you in???




Cost details


The cost is £84.50 each with a £22 deposit needed ASAP to secure the booking. I know it’s a bit short notice but ideally I would like to be able to pay the deposit on the 5th May. Please let me know if this is going to be a problem for you and we will see what we can sort out.

The balance would need to be cleared in my account on or before 1st of July. As many of you are aware, I am getting married on the 3rd August. I am on honeymoon for the rest of that month so need to pay and have everything sorted by July.




On the Friday night we will have use of the onsite (massive) BBQ. The Carp Society are going to provide all the charcoal etc, we will just need to bring our own food. I can sort BBQ packs (mixed meat cuts etc) for £5 per person or you can bring your own. All I ask is that if you want a meat pack then pay the extra £5 with your deposit and drop me a pm to let me know. I will provide all the baps / bread.

Andy and Helen are doing a curry for one of the nights. If you have had one before you will know how good they are!

The rest of the time is feed yourself lol!




He will do a £5 BBQ tray which will have a mixture of 100% meat burgers, lamb burgers, kebabs, ribs, steaks etc etc.

Like I say - if you want one then just let me know and include the payment in with the deposit.



List of attendees and The Draw!





The yards





(Revised January 2010)






Before you fish:


1 Only Carp Society members and authorised visitors may enter the property. Non fishing visitors must report to the office or head bailiff, and carry their permit and/or membership card at all times and produce it/them to a Carp Society official or permit holder on request. If such documents cannot be produced the person may be asked to leave the property by a Carp Society official.


2 Permit holders are entitled to fish the water for the period for which their permit applies, except for dates when Carp Society events are arranged. Such dates will be posted on the Society website and the Horseshoe notice board, or will be available on request from the office.


3 The permit holders’ gate to the property must be closed and locked immediately after entry or exit. The roundabout gate must be locked outside of office hours and the code must not, under any circumstances be given out.


4 Whilst on the property vehicles must be driven carefully and quietly, and must be parked in the car parks provided. Loading or unloading of vehicles is permitted on the roadways, but vehicles must not be parked on the grass.


5 Fishing is only permitted from authorised numbered swims. Red post swims permit two anglers to fish together to a maximum of four rods from the swim (i.e. two each). White post swims are for single angler occupancy to a maximum of two rods. Blue post swims are for single angler, single rod, daylight only use. No bivvying is permitted in blue post swims. Anglers using blue post swims are not permitted to leave tackle in other swims whilst fishing.

Note: From 1 November until 31 March a single angler fishing a red or white post swim may fish with three rods provided that he/she is in possession of the appropriate E.A. licences. Please note the exception is that two anglers sharing a red post swim are limited to two rods each at all times.


6 No swims may be altered without the consent of a bailiff or Carp Society Official. Climbing of trees is not permitted.


7 No boats of any description are allowed on the water other than the authorised use of a boat by the bailiffs in the course of their duties.


8 No wading permitted except for landing and returning fish over shallow water.


9 Anglers fishing for carp or pike must use a minimum of 15lb breaking strain monofilament line. Float fishing for other species must be carried out with a minimum of 5.5lb line. When feeder fishing for tench, anglers must use a minimum mainline strength of 10lb mono.


10 Dogs must not be brought onto the property.


11 It is the responsibility of any angler occupying a swim to ensure that the swim and surrounding area is kept free of litter. Take all litter home, this includes teabags and cigarette ends.


12 The use of all leadcore, braided mainlines and shock/carp leaders (i.e. where there is any knot above the hooklink) on any baited rods is not permitted.


13 All anglers must use the unhooking mat provided, and be in possession of a DRY landing net of adequate size (at least 36” arms), sacking of fish is strictly not permitted.


14 Barbless hooks must be used at all times, the use of long shank ‘nailer’ hooks is prohibited.


15 The use of nuts as hook baits or in loose feed is not permitted.


16 No guns, crossbows or weapons of any kind are allowed on the property unless authorized by the lake management.


17 No open fires to be lit on the property.


18 Anglers must not introduce into the lake from any other water any live or dead freshwater fish, spawn or pond plants.


19 The minimum age for holding an annual permit is 16 years.


20 Juniors aged 10-15 years can only fish if accompanied by an adult Carp Society Member (who must at no time be more than one swim away). The junior must purchase a 24hr/day ticket before commencing fishing. Children under the age of 5 are not permitted on the property except in the Lodge area under parental supervision.


21 Any person fishing the waters must hold the relevant E.A. licence. When/where 3 rod fishing is permitted any angler doing so must be in possession of 2 licences.


22 Permit holders may be accompanied by non fishing companions (at discretion of duty bailiff) who must report to the office or duty bailiff, provided that the companion/s is a Carp Society member.


23 No swims can be reserved by any means. Anglers considered to be reserving swims, especially communicating by mobile phone with anglers not already at the lake, risk being banned from the fishery. Please note that bivvying up behind an angler already occupying a swim is not permitted.






While you’re fishing:


24 Unruly and abusive behaviour (verbal or physical) between individuals or groups of anglers, or towards Carp Society property or personnel will be deemed to be a rule infringement. All members must (at the discretion of the bailiff) conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner and observe good angling etiquette.


25 Swims designed for wheelchair access must be vacated by an able bodied angler if they are required by a wheelchair bound angler, provided that the angler has given at least 96hrs to the office of his/her arrival. Signs will be posted in the swim in advance.


26 An angler may be absent from his/her swim for a maximum of 4 hours and off site for a maximum of 2 hours in any 24hr period. Please note: stalking whilst occupying a permanent swim is allowed with one rod only and only when space permits. This must not interfere with another anglers fishing and is allowed at the bailiffs discretion.


27 No angler’s baited rods must be left unattended. This includes ‘walking out’ of lines to clip up, if other lines remain in the water. It is not acceptable to leave rods under the control of another angler who is already fishing.


28 Wound in rods must not be left unattended without the hook bait being removed.


29 Fishing in areas which are out of bounds or in swims which are closed is prohibited.


30 The Carp Society shall have the right to inquire into, and take the appropriate action in the event of an alleged infringement of the rules in accordance with the current bailiff guidelines, which are published on the Carp Society website. A paper copy is available from the office.


31 Rule infringements. Annual permits holders warned for rule breaking could have their permit punched; a second infringement will result in your permit being withdrawn. Twenty four hour ticket holders infringing a rule will be warned and on the second occasion will be requested to leave the lake immediately. All rule infringements will be recorded on the membership database. Return of any permit or options to purchase further tickets are entirely at the discretion of the Society management team.


32 All bailiffs and Carp Society Officials have the right to examine any vehicle on, entering or leaving the property to ensure that fish are not being removed, transported illegally or stolen. This right may only be exercised in the presence of the person using the vehicle, but refusal to cooperate may result in the termination of the vehicle user’s rights to fish and/or be on the property. Any person found attempting to remove fish from any Carp Society water shall automatically lose their permit(s) and membership. Subject to the seriousness of the incident the Carp Society can suspend permission to fish whilst investigating an alleged infringement.


33 Random checks will be made with regard to permits, memberships, licences, rigs and bait.


34 The toilets provided must be used at all times.


35 An angler may spend a maximum of 96 hours (4 days) in a swim before having to vacate it. This is deemed to commence from 10am on the first day of occupancy irrespective of the time of arrival. The same angler cannot reoccupy that swim for a further 120 hours from 10am on the day of his/her departure. For anglers doubling up in red post swims the time limit is set from the first occupying angler.


36 Your permit remains the property of The Carp Society and is non transferable.


37 Should you lose your permit or membership card a replacement will be supplied following payment of an administrative fee.





Please note: these rules and guidelines are only in place for the future welfare of our fish stocks.




Any rule infringement will be noted on the membership record database. Any future tickets will be marked accordingly. A second rule infringement will result in the angler/s being asked to leave the lake immediately. Future access to the lake will then be subject to the consideration of the Society Management, who will notify the angler/s in writing.


The Bailiffs carry the full support of the management team and their decisions are final.



Some of what you can expect to see and catch!












All is now confirmed, paid for and organised. I have shuffled a couple of people about to make most use of the space booked.

Adam - don't worry about being in a swim called no carp corner. I have seen hundreds of carp grouped in this area on a number of times.

Doug - your swim name sort of suits at the moment! And Stoogi's shall be renamed Chopsies for the social!!!!

Sorry to the lads on the Witney bank, especially those higher up the numbers. It is a bit of a walk but quite comfortable.

Swim 19 has now been left empty - this corner looked quite congested and this should make the draw slightly more favorable for Welder and Alan. They wouldn't have had much water if 19 was taken. It will be ok for a bit of stalking though, should anyone wish.

I did toy with the idea of just booking the headland - 17 round to swim 1. This would have been a more sociable pegging but after the feedback from some of you and thinking about Winter bay having more water & less congested; I decided to keep to the original booking.


I have had a bit of bad news from work, in that I can't have the time off! I will come straight down on the Friday. This will mean the meat will arrive with me. I suggest the BBQ is held on the Saturday afternoon. You can decide with Andy when you would like the curry but it would make sense to have it on the Thursday so that it doesn't spoil. That would leave just the Friday night to fend for yourselves!

Not being able to make it on the Thursday also means that I may need a representative to liaise with Miles from the Carp Society should the need arise. This would be just checking people in and such like.


As a foot note - please all read through the rules again - we are in a privileged situation being able to book this lake and I really don't want to upset Miles or David (or any of the bailiffs). Things like no leaders of any sort (knot above the lead), barbless hooks, no nuts (even in partiblend etc). We also have to remember that this is not an exclusive lake booking and we have to respect the other anglers that will be fishing there. All common sense which I know I don't have to worry about, but I just wanted to be sure.



Other than that - see you all in a couple of weeks and lets catch some scaly beautiful fish!!!

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Room for a fat one?

Been having a trip down memory lane reading through this. And then thought how nice it would be to get everyone who was on this social back there again at some point . Great memories xxx

looks like 3 channels in front of pegs 20-21 nige any idea what they are?


I've not fished those two swims but would imagine they are banks of weed growing at different rates in the bucket scoops from the extraction?

Not sure though really mate?


What I do know though is courtz has got my favourite swim in winter bay and jez my second!

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Shame this could not have been a few days later. Won't be back from France until the 15th. Good luck to all going. Fabulous water with stunning fish and the chance of an awesome hit. Some lovely spots in winter bay. Malc don't forget one on the left margin in that swim. Lovely little single swim where the fish come up the margin from the lagoon. :lol:

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For those wanting to know a bit more about the meat package; my mate Tom has a company called 'the meat man'




He will do a £5 BBQ tray which will have a mixture of 100% meat burgers, lamb burgers, kebabs, ribs, steaks etc etc.

Like I say - if you want one then just let me know and include the payment in with the deposit.



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Yep - Just let me know how many you need.


Andy and Helen have offered a curry for the price of £2.50, just enough to cover the steak mince that goes in. I think this is great value and those that have had one before, I am sure, will agree.

Please can you add this to your payment.

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