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Etang De Cache - review april 2012

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Recently come back from a week at Etang de Cache http://www.etangcache.com/.'>http://www.etangcache.com/. Thought I'd do a review as there is little information out there about this lovely french carp fishery.


Two of us fishing, flew to Limoges from Southampton airport and were picked up by a very friendly owner (partner) called Dave. Drive to the lake was about an hour.


At the lake we met other partner 'Steve', also very friendly who had all the hire gear ready for us. All the gear was good quality stuff and all we needed was terminal bits and sleeping bag!


The lake about 4.5 acres is very peaceful, no car noise from anywhere. Tree lined one side made it a pretty place.


We opted for Dave to cook all meals for us and were pleasantly surprised how good a cook he was! Full English every morning that wasn't greasy!, but healthy and tasty. And evening meals that varied every day with Dave offering a choice - excellent stuff!


THE FISHING - to summarise we had 70 carp between the two of us, average weight was mid 20's, smallest was 13lb and biggest nearly 35lb. The quality of the fish was outstanding. Some of the most attractive carp I have ever seen (and I've seen a lot being an ex fish farmer and fishery owner). The colours of some of the commons were beautiful but I think it was the shape of most of the fish that made them so gorgeous.


No nuisance fish. I had 2 tench first night and we both had a pike each that nabbed our boilies whist reeling in.


The weather our week was total [censored], it rained every day (not all day) and it was pretty cold 2 - 10 degrees, but we were still able to catch a very respectable quantity.


Dave and Steve are very helpful and experienced anglers and we know any carpers who visited their lakes would be supported in whatever they needed to catch carp, so great for beginners through to experienced!



If you read this Dave & Steve thanks for an excellent week!

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