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CarefulCarping's Video's.

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Hey guys,


I'm sure most of you know that i enjoy making video's whilst im on the bank, along with some other users of this forum.


Anyway, now this new section has being added into the forum, i hope to be able to post my pictures and videos all on this one thread, and hopefully one or two of you may enjoy them :)


Anyway, il kick this off with my most recent video, which seen me down on Barston Lakes for a few runs and get a bend in my new rods.


Here is the link to the video. -




My first carp of the day at 7lb 12oz.




My second carp of the day, also my new PB Ghostie at 10lb 6oz.




My third and final carp of the day at 8lb 8oz.




Ross :)

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Well in mate. Good to see your getting your kit back together and getting out again....


Nice vid too fella, your enthusiasm shows up really well..... Start using words like Munga, wicked and learn to scream "Get In There" everytime you land a fish and you'll be on " Thinking Tackle" before you know it mate :lol::wink:

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Managed to get back out on the bank on tuesday for 36 hours.


The club lake re opened and i was eager to get back down there but was unable to until the tuesday, the openeing night proved very succesful for anglers with around 15 carp coming out in total. The next night only a couple of carp came out.


When i arrived on Tuesday things where looking good, but as my next 36 hours passed i only managed 1 bream, which i caught within the first few hours of being there. The carp felt the pressure of us all getting back down onto the bank, and after realising we where back fishing again, they soon stopped feeding.


Really enkoyed myself though, and was nice to sit back, relax and un wind, and get a good nights kip.


I have made a YouTube blog if anyone is interested in watching, this video also marked my landmark of blogging for a whole year :) Here is the link. -


Below are some scenic pictures and the bream :)


Bream of a couple of lb



Rest are scenic :)



















Ross :)

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Nice photos! Shame no carp came your way :lol: Are you down there this week? I'm getting a few nights in :D


Cheers mate! I don't no when im next down, I will only be doing day session on there now for a couple of months, my missus is heavily pregnant, so can't really plan in advance too much.


Goodluck! Hopefully they start feeding again for you!

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Right, i managed my 2nd session a couple of days ago since the birth of my daughter, my first one was last week but managed a blank.


On thursday just gone, i went down to Barston Lakes for a few runs after work and see if i could get a couple of carp for the camera.


Here are 2 of the better carp i caught that day.


9lb Ghostie




And a nice 7lb 4oz Linear mirror




I caught another couple of smaller carp and a fair few bream too.


Was nice to get out for a few hours and catch a couple of carp, size isnt everything to me and i was very happy with my results.


I also made a video blog as per usual, and here is the link if anybody is interested in watching it.



Thanks, Ross.

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