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Diary of an unknown angler (updated 20/07/2012)

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Well after a long time of thinking about keeping a diary/blog here i am sat in front of the computer wondering i hope some body enjoys reading this, there,s got to be one lonely sad person out there who is looking to read a diary/blog about a relatively unknown angler like me. :wink:


I moved back to the West Midlands two and a half years ago, and being self employed i had to drum up enough work before i could even begin to start thinking of fishing. The work came in slowly and surely and soon my thoughts turned to carp fishing once more. Soon enough i was back on the bank in pursuit of our beloved fish and at the time i was happy to catch any carp at all. Me and my better half had just found out she was pregnant and everything was really looking good for the future. I had regular work, i was back fishing and i was also going to be a dad. :D


I had fished various places. Day House Farm, Swan Pool, Sion Farm and Wassel Grove but nothing really seemed to click, if you know what i mean.

Meanwhile my other half was getting really bad morning sickness which meant i had to be at home more to look after her, and we are not just talking morning sickness here we are talking morning, noon and night sickness, to say it was bad is an understatement. She constantly had a sick bowl by her side and she couldn't even move without throwing up so as you can understand i wanted to be home doing my bit for her as she was doing her bit for the baby. Eighteen weeks went by very slowly and the morning sickness seemed to finally calm down, not completely but calm down it did.


In the mean time we had found out the baby was a boy and had named him Matthew. We bonded straight away and often used to mention what we were going to do when he was here. As you can expect he was going to become a carp fanatic just like his dad and i couldn't wait until he was born to clothe him in the camo gear we carp anglers love and get him fishing with his dad. In fact if id of had it my way he was going to be born on the banks of Redmire Pool :lol: .


The sickness had subsided now and my attentions were firmly back on to fishing. So back i went and i was catching regular fish and was happy and content to be doing so. I had tried a couple of day sessions on Swan Pool but didnt catch anything so i went back to Day House Farm and Sion Pool just until Matthew was born. I had it in my head i was going to stay at home with my partner once he was born and give her all the help she needed until her maternity leave was over and then get back to work and fishing.


Sadly on July 25th 2011 Matthew died at 41 weeks and it blew our world apart. We had to organise a funeral, pick the music, flowers a poem and i wrote a little reading in his honor. For months we sat numb not thinking of anything really. I had glanced at my rods and just wasn,t able to go. In fact i didnt go again until October where i just sat on the bank in tears wondering what i was doing there in the first place.


Eventually i did pluck up the courage to go again after christmas and was soon at the banks fishing again still feeling very upset that i had so many plans for Matthew and nothing was to become of it. My first session of the year was at Day House Farm where i did bank a nice 15lb Common, which fired the light inside of me once again. Soon enough i was back fishing more and more, often looking up at the sky and wondering whether Matthew is looking down on his dad smiling.


Day House Farm still didnt feel right though so and the urge to get a twenty pound fish started to take hold. Thats when i started looking again and came across Kingsnordley Fisheries Specimen Pool. I visited the pool a couple of times and it felt right for a twenty. The frosts in the earlier part of the year stopped any fishing for the time being but i was happy in the knowledge i had found a decent enough water for now. I went back to Sion Farm and had a couple out of there( just a confidence booster before i move to a new water).


At this time me and my partner had found out she was pregnant again so as you can imagine we are on tender hooks at the moment and we are trying so hard to enjoy every moment we get. So this meant nights are out of the question for a while at least. In the years gone by i had been used to fish for four or five days at a time, so i could get the baiting done and then could just sit it out and wait for the fish to come to me.


Now i have had to change my approach to finding the fish first to give me any reasonable chance of catching any fish. So i went back to Kingsnordley to have yet another good look round. If you see the water from above it almost looks like a shoe print with the northern end of the lake being predominently deeper than the southern end. So my first session was a tactical choice really given the time of year, i opted to fish the center of the pool hoping to intercept any fish moving from the deep end to the shallow end should the sun rise and warm up the shallows.

There is an island at the southern end and i know islands are good for fish but i generally find they attract the smaller fish. The first session i had i caught seven fish in all that day and was reaaly pleased with the result and couldn't wait to get back.


The second session i did exactly the same but the weather was really bad, gusts of wind up to twenty miles an hour and non stop rain all day. Even though the weather was bad i caught twenty fish that day and got absolutely soaked but again i was happy with that result.


The third session i felt i was falling into the trap of knowing where i was going to fish even before i had got there, this is never a healthy thing to do and although a lot of anglers do catch from what i call the willows swim i think the bigger residents are going to be somewhere else. So for this session i opted for the north east corner as there was a nice warm wind blowing into there. I had two fish that day and i got called home early by my partner who was suffering with a migraine and was losing a bit of her sight. So i rushed home, as many migraine sufferers know you can get blurred vision some times but she had never had migraines before and i didnt even think it was a migraine until we saw the doctor who told us it was probably pregnancy related. Panic over and i was soon unloading the gear back into the house.


This brings me up to yesterday where i suppose the diary/blog really starts. Sorry i seemed to have gone off course a couple of times but thats just the way i write. So if your not already bored, yawning or asleep please bare with me :wink:


Right yesterday i arrived at the water about 5.45am, unloaded the gear from the car ready for a walk round. I quite fancied the shallower southern end as the temperature was up and i had noticed not one angler on my previous three visits had fished there.


Off i went constantly looking over the water, i couldn't see any signs of fish anywhere until i arrived at the last swim at the southern end, for writings purposes ill call this one the snags swim. There are a lot of snags in the swim, tree stumps, roots, lillies and branches and it just looked really carpy. Just to the left of the island i saw the lillies twitching telling me that carp were present, well that was enough for me. As i was setting up, the lillies kept moving and my confidence was growing by the minute.


The right hand rod was cast in between two submerged tree stumps in the margin on my right hand side, just a gentle flick and a little light baiting. The middle rod was cast straight out in front about fifteen to twenty yards at the most through a channel of lillies and tight to the island. The left hand rod was cast to the left and just beyond where i had seen the movements earlier, all rods baited and ready to go.


The morning was nice and calmed and about an hour later i could see the water clouding up over my left hand rod. This is a great sight if you have ever seen it, you just know its only a matter of time before the rod goes. Meanwhile on my right hand rod i could see feeding bubbles, and all i remember thinking is please dont go at the same time. All the time i kept watching the same pads twitching just as they had before. Ten minutes later the left hand rod was away and a little four to five pound stocky slid over the net. I got the rod recast, i didnt want to do any rebaiting at this point i just wanted to keep disturbance to a minimum.


The lillies were still twitching at this point but i did notice every time the lillies moved a small branch on the over hanging tree would twitch as well. Strange i thought at the time, i kept watching my right hand rod thinking there was no chance of a take on the left now when all of a sudden the left was away again. Another little stocky common was nearly in the net when my right hand rod rawed off.


Now the only people who would know how this feels are the anglers who have been in the same situation. I quickly got the common in the net and got the hook out as quick as i could and lifted into the right hand rod, i was now trying to manouvre the net with a fish in it towards another fish i was playing, a tricky situation but i did manage to net the fish. A little stocky mirror this time.


All rods cast again and i was soon sitting down with a cup of tea in my hand and i just happen to notice the same set of lillies still moving and the little branch above still twitching at the same time. I was now sure a fish had been thered so i walked round the left hand bank through the tree,s for a closer look. I was right a little common was snagged in the lillies where an earlier angler had obviously cast and got caught up in the tree and probably just snapped his line trying to get the rig back. The hook still had a bait on so the fish must of got hold of the bait a while after the rig had been snagged. I went back round to the rods and wound them all in and headed back to the snagged fish. So off came my trousers and socks and in i went, the bloody water was freezing it nearly took my breath away.


After some careful walking right across where i had baited my left hand rod i got hold of the offending line and slowly walked back to the bank, i could feel the fish kicking still so that was a good sign. I slowly retreived the fish and relieved it of the hook and he or she swam away as good as gold. I was absolutely freezing and before i got the rods out again a had a hot drink and dried myself.


I cast all three rods into the same stops as they were before and just sat down a waited for the next run. I didnt expect one from the left hand rod again after all the disturbance but two hours later off it went again with another little stocky common of about 5lbs gracing my net once more. The owner came round about an hour later for the money and had said they saw what i did earlier and i didnt have to pay that day they were more greatful that an angler had saved one of their fish, i wasnt going to argue. That day passed with me having another two to the left hand rod and another one from the right hand rod. It was soon evening and time to pack away the gear.


I dont know about you but i always leave the rods out laying on the ground until the very last minute. At this piont i was a little disspointed that i hadnt anything bigger, but thats how fishing goes sometimes. Just as i was packing the first rod away my left hand clutch started melting line away, i could feel it was a better fish and a big black tail came out of the water. After ten minutes or so in went a lovely very dark old common. The carp pulled the scales round to 14lb 9ozs, now i was happy, now i could go home with a smile on my face. I still think i could be doing more at Kingsnordley, maybe next time i will try to get there while its still dark and fish right the way through till dark again, the bigger fish still elude me but you never know what next time will bring.


Thanks for reading its a bit of a long blog i know, the next ones will be shorter i promise, bye for now :wink:


Hello all, as im not fishing for another week i thought i would cover the rigs i am using at Kingsnordley at the moment. I have used this presentation for many years now and it has stood me in good stead and has caught me a lot of big carp. The only recent development on my presentation is the banishment of leadcore. Up until recently i have always used 2ft of leadcore but due to a rethink of fish safety it has now been taken out of use.


This is the updated rig which i now use.


As you will see it is a very basic set up, i now use 18lb mainline which is tied directly to a Korda quick link. On the mainline are two large Korda sinkers (brown) to pin the mainline down at the back of the lead. One is set six inches above the lead and the other is set two feet above the lead. Then there is a Gardner flying backlead with a bead either side, and i still use a 0.5oz backlead slid down from the rod tip. Even though the mainline is virtually invisible under water i still wanted the line to be hugging the lake bed out of harms way.


I have taken every precaution to ensure the inline lead can slide over the sinkers by taking out the plastic insert and slightly counter sinking the hole at the back of the lead.


Starting at the business end, i use a size 10 ESP curved shank hook, i only ever use small baits as the majority of anglers on day ticket waters tend to use whole boilies.


There is a Korda Micro ring tied on the hair and the hook is tied on with a ten turn knottless knot. The hooklink material is six inches of ESP 10lb sinklink, which i find is very supple. I tie on all of my baits with either bait floss or hair braid just so i can change the bait at the drop of a hat without having to dismantle the whole rig.


At the other end of the hooklink i tie a simple palomar loop which enables the whole hook link to be easily removed from the quicklink.


Then this is covered with a short piece of tubing and all pulled inside the inline lead.



The inline lead is a 3oz flat pear, when you pull the quicklink and sleeve into the lead it just holds enough to shock the fish into a take and then easily slides off giving me quick bite indication. I have found if you are going to use running leads the heavy leads are far better at giving you quick indication as the 1oz leads will just lift and give the carp enough time to eject the hook.


For me this is the simplist most unabtrusive presentation i can come up with i don't like all the safety clips and swivels leads with the swivels covered with tubing they just look to agricultural to me. I don't fish a long way out for a lot of my fishing, so i like to keep it all as simple as possible. I do however use a PVA stick every time i cast out to eliminate tangles, which also puts a nice little pile of bait immediately around my hook. If i am casting out a bit longer then i will use a solid pva bag with this rig which has also caught me a lot of carp.


These are the three main rigs i use.



The top rig is my pop up rig, it consists of a size 10 wide gape hook and if you notice i have brought the micro ring closer to the hook to hold the position just the way i like it. Although i do not use this rig a lot it is very handy when you are fishing over leaf matter on the lake bed. Nine times out of ten i won't use a hi-vis pop up, i prefer the duller appearance of the boilies i use. The pop up weight is a Fox Kwik change AAA weight. I have never liked fishing pop ups to high but it does depend on how deep the debri is on the bottom.


The next one down is what i use for 80% of my fishing, its a chopped 15mm boilie tipped with yellow bouyant plastic corn (just for the visual aspect).


Last but not least is my winter rig, unfortunetly i cannot lay claim to this rig as i first saw Adam Penning using this rig and have found it to be just right for fishing maggots. It is simply a size 10 Drennan Super Specialist hook tied to the hair and then pulled in at an angle through the plastic corn. I do tend to use this rig with the sinking plastic corn but i have been known to use it with the bouyant corn as well.





These rigs are great for using in conjunction with either PVA sticks or PVA bags, however i wouldn't use them as single hook bait presentations as you will suffer tangles.

As you can see i do try to keep the size of every component of my rigs as small as i can, the only change i have had to make sometimes is the size of hook, i will move up to a size 8 hook if i am using a bigger bait or if i am suffering with aborted takes.


Thanks again for looking i hope its still interesting :wink:


Out of the 39 fish i have had in four session's, these are the two best so far


16lb 12oz


17lb 8oz


Session 5 (03/06/2012)

On looking out of the window 4 oclock sunday morning didn't exactly fill me with joy for the days fishing i was about to embark on. To say it was raining was an understatement, and like most of us , you pick your day and make the best of it, at least the weather would deter the masses away from the bank.


I was at the lake at 5.15am and it was still raining but it had eased a little. I emptied the car and off i went for a brief look around before deciding on a suitable swim. I quite fancied the snags again, but as this area was quite shallow and the cold wind was blowing into this bay i decided to fish the other end of the lake hoping the fish would be holding back off the wind.

The was a little swim on the right hand side of the willow that looked quite nice, plenty of features to cast to and would be the perfect area if fish were holding back. The right hand corner held quite a few pads so that was an odvious area. The willow always throughs up a carp or two, and the third would be cast out in front of the reeds that adorned the right hand side bank.


By 6 oclock i was all set and ready to cast into these area,s but decided to have a coffee first and a quick smoke. It was still raining at this point and it didn't look like it was going to change any time soon.

I very carefully placed the right hand rod just to the left of the pads and sprinkled a light scattering of pellets and boilie crumb around the area.

The left hand rod was flicked just off the willow to my left with the same light scattering of baits.


The middle rod was cast two rod lengths of the reeds about 25 yards away out to my right, i could have a little walk round and bait that area up.

Usually if im casting out a bit i will attach a bright pop up tied on with pva string so when the string melts i can see exactly where the bait is when the pop up comes to the top.

All three rods were set and i sat down and put the kettle on for another coffee.


My first fish came about half an hour later from the right hand rod fished to the pads in the shape of this tidy 13lb 1oz Common.


At least i had one rod in the right area which gave me a little confidence.

Soon enough the left hand rod to the willow tree was away with a little stockie common of 5 to 6lb's.

By 12 oclock i had no less than ten fish on the right and left hand rods and was getting a little worried as to why i hadn't had any action on the middle rod.


So i decided to sprinkle a little bait every hour over the middle rod by the reeds until i started to get some action from that one.

The afternoons fishing slowed a bit and the rain kept coming and the pva sticks were getting increasingly harder to tie with wet hands. Even the towel i had taken to dry my hands was now becoming sodden.

2.30pm arrived and i have a blistering take on the middle rod by the reeds. It gave a good account of itself but it was soon lying in the bottom of my net. The first capture on the middle rod produced this 16lb 2oz Mirror.



Now i was happy that all three rods were producing, i love fishing a close quarters keeping everthing to a minimum, even the brolly was set up behind a tree out of sights way.

6.30pm soon came and went with me taking fish on all three rods, a couple of low double's but mainly little stockies.

Then i had a take on the right hand rod to the pads and was soon nursing this 16lb 12oz Common.



It was now 8 oclock and by this time i was soaked through to the skin and the roast dinner was calling me from home. Im sure when your out in the rain all day any roast dinner looks very inviting indeed.

I have one more take on the right hand rod that evening with another low double common.

Eighteen fish i had all together but still the twenties elude me, but a least i was catching fish.

I didnt notice until i was loading up the fish picture's for this piece but the 16lb 12oz Common was the same fish that i had four weeks ago, have a look its the first photo in this diary/blog.

Well until next time thanks for reading and tight lines


Session 6 (17/06/2012)

Well what can i say apart from what a struggle. I arrived in the car park at 5.15am, and i knew i was going to be a hard going. The weather was looking fairly mild with a light south westerly blowing into the north east corner.

It doesn't tend to fish well at all in decent weather, i couldn't see any signs of fish activity anywhere so i decided to follow the wind and set up in the north east corner.

Within an hour of choosing the swim i was set up and hoping for an early bite.

The left hand rod was cast tight to the margin in front of the reeds, id had a fish here before so i felt fairly confident of a take at some point.

The middle rod was cast in between a tree and the outflow pipe, i had seen a couple of early feeding bubbles there so i felt confident with that rod.


The right hand rod was cast straight out in front about 25 yards, i was going to use this rod to try different spots during the course of the day and try to search out where the fish were.

All were baited with a handful of chopped boilies and a scattering of corn.

The left hand rod started to twitch and the indicator started to lift and drop down again, only very slightly, but this denoted the presence of crayfish.

I had been fairly lucky so far and not really had any problems with the crayfish in there, but today was to prove something different.

Hours past by with out even a hint of a take and the crayfish were becoming a bit of a nightmare. On reeling in the rods the cray's had managed to chomp away 90% of the boilie chop, leaving the plastic corn intact on all three rods.


I wasn't bothered about the presense of the cray's too much i just had to figure a way of keeping the bait out there long enough for mr carp to see and take.

It was 6.00pm and i still hadn't had a carp, i bought the left hand rod in and put on one of my winter single plastic corn rigs and tipped the hook with a single rubber red maggot.

I changed the hooklink on the middle rod to a pop up rigs with two grains of plastic corn.

The crays were becoming a right pain now, i had thought long and hard about what i was going to do next time.

I decided for next time to get some rubber sinking 10mm pellets, prick them a few times, warm them in the microwave and then put straight into the boilie soak that matched my boilies.

At least this would stay on the hook ready for any carp that would come along.


6.30pm saw my first take of the day on the left hand rod cast in front of the reeds, in was i nice looking 7lb common and i was really pleased i hadn't blanked.

8.30pm soon came around and i was soon packing up all of the gear just leaving the rods laying on the floor.

I had been trickling in some corn in by some pads in the margin on the right hand side all day and decided for the last hour i would very carefully place a rig just baited with corn while i sat down and had a coffee.

Ten minutes later the right hand rod was away and soon enough another little stockie common was gracing my net.

It had been a struggle all day and i had a few problems to over come including an angler who had decided in his infinite wisdom to pile in a few kilo of dog biscuit right over my middle rod which didn't please me, but at least my persistence paid off with two fish.

Sometimes fishing is a struggle which we all at one time or another just have to battle through.


Thanks for reading Tight Lines


Thought Process


Im not fishing for another week so i thought i would go through some of my thoughts.

I quite often sit back and take a look at my own fishing, im one of those angler's who thinks i could always be doing better.

As you know i have set myself the reasonable target of catching a twenty pound fish from Kingsnordley and after six sessions i feel i am getting close. I have lost a couple of big fish which i am absolutely sure were the fish im after.


Now i know i am fully capable of catching a twenty pound fish, and i don't wish to sound ungrateful for any fish because im not but big fish are what floats my boat at the moment. Thats what drives me forward and keeps me going back.

Many people have asked me in the past, what do i get out of fishing? why do i go?.

Well in answer to that its the unknown or the uncaught fish. Yeah sure we all go to catch fish, but for me its the process of unlocking all of the secrets and understanding why i have caught a particular fish.


The twenties still elude me at Kingsnordley, and i feel im still missing a vital piece of the jigsaw puzzle. i do feel like im getting closer and i know its just a matter of time before the carp gods take a shine to me that day.


Im a very stealthy fisherman, always keeping out of the way, always keeping bank side disturbance and noise to a minimum. Even keeping casting down to a minimum.

I don't like the usage of marker rods while i am actually fishing and i will only cast a rebaited rod when either i have had a fish or i feel that something is wrong.


When i approach a new venue i will usually do a couple of trips with just my marker rod and note down any significant changes in depth or any changes on the lake bed ie gravel, sand, clay, silt ect.....


Stealth has always been my number one rule, i know it sounds obvious but i don't want the fish knowing they are being fished for as i do a lot of my fishing at close range.


When i am actually fishing the same rule applies to tackle as well. I am a big fan of flying back leads and back leads. I think carp do a lot of grazing the bottom looking for edible items and any line sticking up or any abnormalities at all is only going to alert the fish of your presense.


Kingsnordley Specimen pool is a day only pool and it would all be to easy for the big fish to hang back on feeding until the darkers hours of the night. Carp learn by association and its this jigsaw piece i need to unlock.

Being a day only water i am sure the bigger residents have learned to avoid any feeding during day light hours. This is one piece of the jigsaw that cannot be unlocked with any super dooper bait or an amazingly technical rig, its just a matter of timing.


Now i would say the carp in the smaller day ticket waters are predominantly influenced by angling pressure even more so than wind direction and the specimen pool im am fishing is certainly no stranger to this.

I know where the anglers will accumilate during the course of the day and i know what time the anglers arrive and what time they leave in general.


Now lets look at the jigsaw pieces


No.1 I know the fish like the baits i use because i have banked 59 fish in 6 sessions so theres no doubt the fish like what i am feeding them and im very confident in my rigs and my approach.


No.2 Like i have said before i am a very stealthy angler and i have caught a lot of fish while others haven't just through being quiet and not recasting every 20 minutes or so.


No.3 The lake always fishes better in bad weather, again i think this is due to angler presense being low during bad weather.


No.4 I am absolutely convinced the bigger fish know when the anglers are leaving.


In Conclusion i think i am going to get to the lake while it is still dark and angler presense is low to try and wrinkle out a couple before the masses arrive.

Im going to fish as normal with three rods during the course of the day, until the masses start to head home and then im going to pull in one of my rods to give that particular swim a break and hopefully trick the fish into thinking i have gone.

It will have to be a close spot as i want to wait a couple of hours and then strategically place a bait either using a bait spoon or just by lowering the rig into position as quietly as possible and just wait it out until dark.


We'll see next time


Thanks for reading tight lines


Hi all


I haven't written for a while, iv'e been to busy at home and i haven't fished the specimen pool either. The past two sessions have been spent on one of the other pools trying some new rigs and bait presentations out.

I have been plagued by crayfish at the pools and iv'e been trying to work out how to try and avoid them. They love the boilies im using as well as the stick mixes, even if they don't take the boilie off the hair, they are twisting the hooklink up, rendering the presentation useless. I have heard through many sources to use particles to try and avoid these little devils. So the boilies have gone back on the shelf for now while i have been experimenting with new particle presentations. The other aspect of fishing with crayfish present is they do like a bit of bait which has forced me to start trying single hook baits out, with maybe just a little stick for some attraction, which has lead me to looking at re designing a new rig for this presentation. Nick as well as a few others on here have left me thinking about the lead presentation as well, from a friction stand point, so i would just like to say to Nick, Del, Kev and some others, i hate you :lol:


I aim to put the pictures and the full write up on these presentations this weekend at some point, so keep checking for the next update.


Thanks for looking


Right ill start with the hoolink. There have only been two major changes to my hooklink from before. I have added a stiffer boom section of 18lb ESP Crystal Mono, it has become more apparent to me that the bigger fish are more willing to take a single hook bait, rather than a bait over a bed of free offerings. Although i could still use my original hooklink, it is prone to tangle without the use of a stick or pva bag. The second addition is the shrink tube over the hook, i have noticed a few times now that after i have retrieved the rigs back in, on inspection the braid section has looped itself over the eye of the hook giving me a poor presentation, how this is happening i am not entirely sure. It might be something to do with the crayfish im not sure, but equally it was an easy fix but simlpy adding a short length of shrink tube. The whole hooklink now is longer than the original at 8 inches long now. I have still included the loop at the lead end for easy removal should i feel a changed is needed, and i can still use a stick should i feel the need.


As you see it is much the same as the original with the addition of a stiffer boom and a small length of shrink tube.



The next major change is really down to some comments on here form others over the effectiveness of my lead arrangement. My original lead arrangement was based on less is more, where the quick change link and tubing were inside the lead. But it has been pointed out and noticed by me on testing that should a fish pick up the hook bait, it will feel resistance from the lead. I felt that by just having a lead and nothing else in my presentation it would easily be disguised on the lake bed. Another point to make here is i have been using a flourocarbon leader, but i have noticed a few abrasions on the leader on retrieval making the leader weak in a couple of area's. So i have now switched to using tubing to prevent the mainline being weakened. This did present a problem though, i wanted the tubing to lay out on the bottom over its total length, and tubing can curl and twist up, especially when using slack lines. So i smply added two weighted area's with the inner lead wire out of some leadcore. This wire i have spun round the tubing 15 times and then shrunk some shrink tube over the top to stop it unraveling.


I have attached these in two places, one half way up the tubing and one near the mainline end just to ensure the whole lot is pinned down.

But in order to use these i have had to use an over sized run ring as well as a buffer bead at the lead end just to ensure the presentation is as safe as can be.


This also gives me a set up that has less resistance than my former presentation, should a fish take the bait.

This is the lead set up in its entirety


I am still using flying back leads with this set up but i have now done away with back leads unless i am fishing close in.

This running rig set up has already accounted for twelve carp in one session, to over 14lb.

The tubing has been predominantly coloured in brown to match the clay bottom and then flecked in black just to break up the colour a bit, also the leads are all scraped on the bankside the dull over the shine on the coating of the lead.

I must apologise, this all must seem very particular, and i can imagine a lot of you not seeing the necessity to colour up tubing or scraping leads, but its what gives me confidence and its what i will continue to do as long as i am catching fish.

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Sincere condolences on the loss of Matthew and congratulations on Benjamin I hope everything works out well for you.


Your writing is very entertaining and interesting. Could I suggest you put all your personal stories, fishing exploits and rig ideas, not to mention your other research, into a book and publish it on Kindle. It costs absolutely nothing to do, is very easy, and if you price it at less than the cost of a pint you should see a steady, if small, income each month. On top of that , you will be surprised at the contacts you make.


keep at that keyboard. You will inspire others.

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Sincere condolences on the loss of Matthew and congratulations on Benjamin I hope everything works out well for you.


Your writing is very entertaining and interesting. Could I suggest you put all your personal stories, fishing exploits and rig ideas, not to mention your other research, into a book and publish it on Kindle. It costs absolutely nothing to do, is very easy, and if you price it at less than the cost of a pint you should see a steady, if small, income each month. On top of that , you will be surprised at the contacts you make.


keep at that keyboard. You will inspire others.


I have to say i have been looking at you associated thread concerning the book. Im going to give it a bit longer, theres still so many subjects that i still want to cover, thankyou for your kind words. :)

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I think that thread got pulled by the mods. There was no pm or email explaining why. I can only guess it contained a link to a free web site that contained an advert for a book the sells for less than £2. Presumably it was deemed as advertising. Rules are rules.


I have sent you a pm so as not to fall foul of the rules again.

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Thanks gaz im sure everything will be ok this time, ive just done a bit more of a write up going through some of my thought processes, on how i am hoping to wrinkle out one of the twenties in this pool. :)

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Well gents, the pregnancy isnt exactly going to plan, my partner has now developed gestational diabettes, which puts the baby at risk of many things, we,ve had to see the consultant and a dietician, and we are now pricking her finger seven times a day now to keep the sugar levels under control, really feels like we arent allowed to enjoy anything at the moment. It turns out irrispective of diet some women do develop this from time to time but after what happened last year we are now even more worried, only 11 weeks to go this friday of complete and utter fear of what might happen. We are both looking on the bright side and saying well at least its been found and something is being done about it, and the baby seems happy for the moment, we,ve got scans every week now just to make sure, so we are doing everything we can possibly do.

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It's obviously something that's going to make you worry even more but with what happened last time, as you've already said, they take that much more precaution over everything and check everything that much more regular, i'm sure you'll be fine mate. Try and enjoy the pregnancy, trust me. :wink:

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